Saturday, August 26, 2006

This is where it ends

cameron w/pizza box
The final entry to my 1984/85 diary ends with this, the only entry I wrote after arriving as a freshman at Middletown College in the fall of 1985.

My feelings toward college were pretty complex, I think, looking back at it now. And the things I found novel or noteworthy (pizza delivered to your door ... free!) are mostly comical viewed 20 years later. (The photo of me supposedly on the phone with Dominos was taken by Peter freshmen year in our dorm room.)

And, as this entry ends my actual 1984/85 diary, it also ends this blog project. I started "Real '80s Diary" on May 30, 2005. It was an attempt to digitize a hardcopy document I wanted to be able to back up in the event of fire or other disaster, as well as a way for me to reflect a little on my past to help me determine what my future might hold.

I'll be back with a coda containing some more thoughts on this whole blog process in a final, final entry.

Saturday, Sept. 14, 1985
3:15-4:17 Pm

Well, this is really going to be hard. I really shouldn't have waited so long before writing, because now I could write an entire book, but I haven't got the time to.

The ride up ... wait. I guess I should back up a bit, huh? I did go to the movies with Paul that evening, of the 23rd. We saw "Real Genius." After that I went to say good-bye to Marie.

From what I can remember, which is just about everything, I got there, and I talked with her Mom for a while, while she was still geting ready. Then she was ready, and her Dad let us take the Vette, and we drove down to "Sky Gate." After that we went to the creemee stand, and had a creemee. Then I drove her home.

When we got back I can't remember everything, but I think we went downstairs, and we ... well ... did the same thing that we've been doing for a while now. Soonafter it was time for me to leave.

Finally we got out to the car, and we stopped at the door and just held each other for a long time, and I think I was the first one to start to cry. Like I said, we held each other for a long time, and then I got, into the car, and we finally said good-bye. Before that I told her to watch who she hung around with, and where she hung-around, and I think she knew what I meant, and she told me the same thing. Then I drove off and I think she flashed the lights of the house, and I tooted my horn. On the way home I cried hard.

The next morning we left, and the drive up wasn't as bad as I had remembered. It took about seven hours, and I did about an hour's worth of it.

We got here, and stayed the night in a motel. Marie had given me a letter for me to read my first night away from home, so I did. I guess I'll start a knew appendix for the diary and call them the B's. So B-1 is that letter. She also gave me her love-knot that she had gotten while we were shopping one day. I keep it in my wallet, along with a Bill's Gulf business card.

Well, I was really nervous the day I moved in, so nervous I found it hard to eat. Once I got here it got a little better. I had orientation meetings the first day, and the next. The first day I was the only one on my floor except for Jack, who's the RA. So that evening I walked into his room, since it was open, and we talekd a bit, and then went upstairs to talk to some other people and their RA. It was all really hard to do. The next day I had more orientation stuff, and Peter arived. I'll tell you, I think I lucked out with my roomate. Our room is a triple, but there are only me and him in it. Everybody has said that we're going to get another person, but it hasn't happened. So the room is plenty large for the two of us. Peter is really a lot like me. He's very clean-cut, very neat, polite, he has a girlfriend back home he's going to try and stay with, and above all he doesn't party or even drink. Judging from the rest of the people I've met here, that's pretty rare, and I reaaly feel good that I got him. From the point in time that I saw him, when I came into the room, and found him and his father unpacking, I knew we were going to get along. And we do. And now I hear that they're detripling rooms, which must mean that we're home free with the two of us in this triple room.

The day the upper classmen arrived, they'd just walk in our room, if the door was open, and introduce themselves, and it made me feel kind of welcome. In actuality though, I'm not all that close with the rest of the people on the floor. A large majority of them are freshman and sophomores, and it seems like all of them are here to party and have wild sex.

I choose my classes I think the second day. I have five; two of them are communications courses: Intro to Broadcast Production and Intro to Mass Media. The first is really fun, because it's a hards-on class, with like, no outside the class work. Naturally it's pretty fun. For the first five weeks we're doing audio, and then for the remeinder we're doing video. By the end of the class I should be able to run anything in a radio or TV studio. Already I can do pretty much everything required to DJ, or "jox" as they say here, a radio show.

The other is a lecture class, dealing with theory.

The other two classes, or three rather, are a math course, a computer course, and an accounting course, none of which excite me too much.

The work here isn't all that hard, yet. A lot of reading, and weekly quizes in a lot of classes, but none of it seems too hard. It's kind of freaking me out, because you always here how hard college work is than high school.

I did well in my placement test for English so that I don't have to take an English course, until second semester. That relieved me a bit.

This isn't to say that I haven't got a lot to do. The radio and TV stuff takes a lot of time. A letter that I wrote to Sam tells just about everything so I'll let that do the explaining, with a few updates. I didn't make it onto the comedy show, "What the Heck?" That kind of put me down; it's been a while since I tried-out for something and didn't make it.

I did the try-out for "The Twilight Zone," but I felt really lousy afterwards. I didn't really think about the audition until I got in the room, and I think it showed on the tape. I did really lousy, and I don't think I've really got a chance. I'll know Tuesday. I'd really love to do it, AND it's frustrating to think that I can't get-in on it.

Also, I did me second intern on Thursday the 12th, from 10 pm to 1 am. It was a lot of fun. I didn't do all of the engineering, but some of it. The guy I interned with was really cool, and said that I was here with him over the air. In fact, he did it several times.

During one of his weathercasts, some idiot screamed a very loud grotesque scream out in the hall. I was also on the headphones, and I heard it over the headphones! I started to laugh, and so did Mike (the jock), but he kept his head. Then he kind of ad-libbed around that a little. Later, when things were getting dull, I went out into the hall and screamed again, during his weathercast, and he played off it again. Then at the end of the broadcast we sang the national athem over the air. All in all, it was a blast.

Peter was listening back at the room, and he said he heard the part when the person screamed, and then he heard me laughing in the back ground.

Tuesday I have an appointment to make my audition tape. I'm going in after the station is off the air from 1 Am to 2Am, and making my tape. We just have to DJ for an hour, and tape all of our talk sessions, and eryt, rather "every", segue, or when one song goes into another. I think I can do it without problem. I hope I can get my own shift. It would be for a three-hour period, on one day of the week, Tuesdays at 10 pm to 1 am, for example. They say that everybody will be on by Christmas, at the latest.

I guess I chouls or rather "should" (excuse this terrible typing) explain how Peter was listening back at the room, if I told you that we couldn't even get the station in our room. I had our TV hitched-up to cable, because without it we can't get anything! Well, we had the choice of also hitching it up to our stereo, and paying another $2.50 a month. We didn't think we needed it; that was before we found we couldn't get CIV. You see, CIV is also on the cable at 107.1 FM. So what Peter and me have done, is to get a cable for speaker extensions, and we fooled around with the cable from our TV so that we have a lead coming off, and around the room, to the stereo. We get CIV perfect! I mean there is no fuzz at all! It's really great, not to mention illegal. But when the time comes for them to deinstall the TV, we can put it back so they can't tell we ever did it. We also get MTV on the TV, and now we can get it in stereo on the stereo. We can also get the police band, so we can hear what's up when we hear a siren outside.

We also had our phone installed. I brought our old white phone, but the ends didn't match the jack we had in the room. So we found a very cheap model in the bookstore, which works fine, for only $9.95. We got that, and it's really nice to have a phone in the room. Like I said, we also have TV cable, and now, stereo cable. Peter also brought a fridge, so we keep soda, milk, juice and stuff in there.

I can't believe this!! In the distance I can hear somebody's stereo. In the past few minutes, they've played Depeche Mode, the Talking Heads, and now Devo!! I've got to meet this person!

Anyway, I think that's about it. By the way, the letter to Sam is B-2. Alas, I got screwed out of my news shift on VIC. I guess someone can back for another year, which meant that I got bumped out of my shift. I was really mad when I first learned of it, but now I don't care much, with jock training and all.

I don't have any early classes, my first is 11 Am on some days and noon on others. That's good, because I usually don't get to sleep until about 12 midnight. It all balances out, I stil get about eight hours of sleep, it's just that I'm up later in the morning, and later at night.

Peter has class in the morning, but I think his earliest is 10 Am, so that's not too bad. I usually get up about an hour or two earlier than I have to anyway to study.

I've been writing to Marie about once a week, and we talk for at least a half of an hour on Saturday. We alternate, by me calling her one week, and then he calling me. I also write to my parents, and we talk on the weekend, also I got a letter from Aaron befoe he left for college, and I wrote him back. I also got Benji's address from Marie, so I dropped him a line. I also dropped Libby a line to send her the theater season and I also wrote to Sam. I got back from Libby, and she was really excited about hearing from me. Marie said she spazed when she got the letter. Marie's trying to come-up and see me sometime. Now Libby wants to take a few drama club kids to come up and see a show at Middletown! I really hope they do. If they do, naturally, Marie will be one of the people that comes. If not, Marie's trying to get her mom to drive her up, maybe on parents' weekend, or someother weekend. Or maybe she'll just fly Marie down. I think that probably one way or another, she'll get up here.

There's a football game today, the first of the season, and everybody's there, except me and few others. Our team is rated fourth in our division, and sports is a big thing around here. Peter has gone to see it with some people from the floor.

About four days ago it was so hot you couldn't stand it. Then it turned cold so cold you couldn't go outside without a coat. Today it's really sunny, and about 60 degrees, I'd guess. I haven't gone outside yet. I got up and showered, and then did my laundry for the week.

Food here is okay; it's the lines and crowds I hate.

We order pizza to be delivered free to our door a lot of the time. Usuually in the evening.

Peter's musical taste is pretty MOR, which I can deal with. I think some of my Talking Heads and Devo is probably too much for him, but he never complains.

We've gone downtown twice, me and him, since we've been here. Buses come to the campus every hour and half hour, so it's really no problem. It only costs 33 and a third cents, too. Last weekend we went to a movie which the Student Activities Board put-on. They're not really current movies, but pretty good for a dollar. We saw "Desparately Seeking Susan" last week, and I think we're going to catch the "Summer of '42" on Sunday.

Peter's kind of into sports, baseball the most. His side of the room has a couple of Tom Seaver posters up on it and a New England Patriots poster up. My side has a Devo poster in front of my desk and a SAB poster telling all the movies this semester. It also has the drawing Marie gave me for grduation and a "Mattress" poster up. I also have my calender and another little poster up and a sign that my dad got for a job is also up. I also put up a Dirt Bag banner Benji made me, Aaron and himself, and we've been colecting funny photos from mags and what have you to put on our montage wall.

I guess I could go on forever, but I should do some work. So I'll try and write sometime soon, but I don't know how often. So, until then ...