Thursday, July 27, 2006

Don't talk about me when I'm gone

I give some details about my final night at home and saying good-bye to Marie in the next, and final, entry to this, my actual 1985 diary.

For now, I'll just mention how strange it is for me to remember that I spent part of my last evening at home before leaving for college for the first time with Paul, better known to the guys as "Pringles."

It's just that he and I didn't stay very close after school finished, so reading about our movie plans for my final night home comes off a little odd to me now.

Friday, Aug. 23, 1985
1:02-1:38 Pm

Well, time's running out, if I want to write one more entry before I leave for Middletown, so here it is.

I can't remember, like usual, everything that's happened in the past two weeks, or so. Last Saturday, I believe, Benji, Larry, Aaron and myself got together, and saw "The Return of the Living Dead" at Bridgton. First we met at ABEP, then Larry went to pick up Judy. Benji, Aaron and myself went to P&C in Aaron's car, to see if we could catch Sammy Manners, before he went in to work at P&C. It seems a few nights bfore, Manners and Aaron and Benji had an egg fight, and Aaron was hot for revenge. We drove in and we driving back out when he happened to be driving in. Aaron and him drove head-on to each other and stopped inches from their bumpers. Then, by chance I think, Larry drove in and touched bumpers with Manner's back bumper. He was trapped! It was pretty funny. Aaron and Manners had a few words, and then Larry backed-up when Sammy threatened him with a can of shaving-cream.

After that we went to Sky Gate for a while, and then to the movie. At the movie we met Mike Miller and Jack Kramer, two other people that were with Sammy when the egg fight occurred. We met them again at McDonald's, and by chance Sammy drove in. Aaron and him had another exchange of words, even less friendly than before. Then we drove off and went to Juan's and had a snack.

Then Aaron drove Benji and I back to our cars, which we parked at ABEP. When we got there Kramer, Miller and Manners were inside ABEP. Benji and I went and got into our cars, and we all took off. They got into their car and followed Benji and I up Hospital Hill. They pulled parallel to me and asked me where Aaron was. I said he'd gone home.

Later, Benji and I stopped at his house (Benji's) and had a laugh over the evening.

Next thing I can remember is going to Pinard, NY, with Marie and her mom on Wednesday. We left around 9:45 Am and spent the day clothes shopping for Marie. It wasn't as boring as you might think.

Once we got home, we went here and got freshened up a bit, and then went to watch the rest of Maynard City Band. After the concert we went up to say good-bye to Benji, since he left the next day. Paul and Ted Rodriguez were there, too. We talked for probably a good hour, and then Marie and I went in Benji's car to Bridgton, so he could say good-bye to Liza Polanski and get a present from Julie, which she left in her mailbox for him.

We got at Liza's and Marie and myself stayed in the car. After about an hour, we were getting fed-up. I mean, he had said that he had to say good-bye to her, not live with her. So Marie and I went insde to see what was taking so long. Marie was less than friendly, and she really embarrassed me by the pushy way she acted. On our way back out to the car, I told her she had embarrassed me. I got into the front seat of the car, and set my elbow up on the open window "sill" and held onto the section between the front and back windows, which were both open. Only, I must has put my hand up there after Marie had opened the back door to get in, so that my hand could get into the crack of the door. Marie got inside and must have locked the door, before slamming, because when I screamed for her to open the door, several times in rapid succession, she replied, "I can't!" I reached around with my other hand and unlocked the door for her, and finally she got it open. I pulled out my hand and was relieved to find all of my fingers, only three of them had very deep dents in them, and needless to say, they hurt like three mother-fuckers. I ran inside and got some ice for them.

Then Benji drove us back ... but wait. When I came back from going inside to get the ice, Marie had left the car, and was nowhere in sight. All of us looked around for her and finally she was coming back. Benji drove us home, or rather, to my car, in Maynard. We said good-bye to Benji, until December, and then we got ito our car. Marie had taken my sweatshirt I had loaned her off and I asked her why she did it, when I knew that she had been real cold earlier that night. She started to cry and said that she felt so terrible for acting the way she did, and then hurting me that she had taken it off.

Well, I brought her home and we showed her mom my thumb, which by now was the only finger which looked very bad. I went home and went to bed.

Now it's still a little swollen and hurts a little, but it looks like it's going to be okay. Right now I can't feel part of it, but I think that's because of a pinched nerve, and I hope the feeling will come back.

It was kind of sad to say good-bye to Benji. He should have gotten to Nebraska somewhere late yesterday afternoon, and my mother had talked to his mother and I guess he had had it okay, except for his baggage.

Yesterday I went to the dentist and registered for the draft and then picked-up my last paycheck at P&C. Then I came back home and mowed the lawn. Later that evening I brought Marie out for pizza, around 9:00 Pm, after her field hockey practice. Then we went back to her house, and I stayed a little while and then left.

Well, this is it I guess. This afternoon I'm going to finish packing, and then Paul mentioned going to see a movie with me with evening. After that I'm going to go over to Marie's and we're maybe going to go have a creemee, and then we're going to say good-bye, for a while at least.

We finally had a little talk about what we expect of each other while we're away from each other. I told her I didn't expect her not to see other guys for the rest of high school, and she said that if I found someone I liked better than her, that she'd understadnd. So I guess the understanding is that we can see other people, but if both of us are happy seeing each other, we'll keep it going.

All I've got to pack now are my clothes and a few other small things, like this diary. I don't know how much time I'm going to have to write in it at Middletown, but I figure it can't be any less than I've done this summer! It's really hard to believe that tommorrow I'll be on my way, and that Sunday, after I've got my stuff moved in, my parents will be going back home, and I'm going to be left 225 miles from home, not knowing one person at all. It really scares me.

I found out where I'm living and my roomate. I'm living in the Evans Hall. Evans was my first choice. As far as I can figure, I'm on the 10th floor. The evening I found out my roommate, Peter Milton, he gave me a call. I guess he had called info and gotten my number. Anyway, we talked about 20 minutes, first about stuff we needed to figure out, like who's going to bring the stereo. We decided to have our personal phone insalled in our room. It's going to cost each of us about $122 for the school year, and then extra for each long-D call and each local call. We're going to use our old white phone. It makes me feel a little better, to think that I'm going to always have a line back home, even if I'm going to have to pay a lot for it.

Then we talked about where we come from and what we're going to be doing at Middletown. He went to summer orientation, so he'll get there a day later then me. All and all, he sounded like a pretty okay guy, and I hope we'll be able to get together.

Well, I think that's it. I better start to finish my packing, and what have you. I'll write sometime at Middletown, so until then (gulp) ...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Corvette summer

Marie's father's 1978 Corvette, mentioned in this, the 26th entry to my actual 1985 diary, was one of many lasting memories I have of our times together.

Her father, I'll call him "Dave" here, was a somewhat stoic man. Grumpy might be a better word for it. While the woman he chose to marry was an outgoing, amicable person — Marie's mother was the first older woman I ever found myself attracted to, albeit, probably because she reminded me of her daughter — Dave rarely had a word to say. And when he said it, it rarely sounded happy about it.

But he did have impeccible taste in cars.

Marie was too young to drive when we were together, so the occasions when we were granted permission to take the Vette, I always occupied the driver's seat.

While the car was a treat to look at — and I'll always remember it fondly — I gotta admit a lawn tractor gave a smoother ride.

Sunday, Aug. 11, 1985

2:25-3:01 Pm

Well, it's been practically another whole month, so I guess it's time I did some more wriitng. It's just that I've been so busy, I haven't had the time. When I'm not at work, I've been over to Marie's camp or doing something else.

Well, I'm not even going to try and account for what's happened since the last time I wrote. First really big thing I can remember in the past was when me and Marie went to Lawrence in the Vette. I beleive that was July 30, a Tuesday. We went up in the afternoon and went to Hotkins and walked around a bit there. We had stopped at a P&C store to ask for directions at a restaurant Marie's dad recommended, and we couldn't find. Since we were stopped in Hotkins, we decided to walk around a bit. We did, and stopped in the lobby of their auditorium and looked at the art work, and what have you.

Then we walked back to the car, to find that we had locked it and couldn't figure out how to get back in. We tried both of the keys, but neither of them seemed to work. Marie went inside to try and call her dad to find out, what we were doing wrong, while I went outside to try some more. Finally I got the thing to open, only after I got a lot of suspicious looks from people probably thinking that I was trying to break into the car. Anyway, Marie couldn't get the phone to work anyway, so that was okay. Finally, we found the restaurant, and had a nice meal. Afterwards, we called Aaron from a phone booth in the restarant, to ask if it was okay if we dropped by for a visit. He had something to do that night, so we didn't go over. Instead we drove home and went to see a movie in Bridgton: "Back to the Future." We kind of had to hurry home to make it, going about 70 mph on the cruise control. Then we stopped by my house to freshen up a bit, and then we went to the movie.

The next day, wait a minute. That night Marie spent the night here, because nobody was home at her house, and her mom wouldn't let her stay home in the house alone. After the movie we switched cars at her house, and then came here, after we stopped in a parking place a little before my house and did some serious fooling around.

Anyway, we got home and went to bed, she slept in my sister's room. In the morning, Nana came over, because my mother had the week off, and was going to go to Dawson that day. Me and Marie were going to go, too, but didn't when we found out that my grandmother was going.

Instead we did some errands and what have you, downtown in the Vette, and then cam back here to cook a cheesecake. We ended up not having enough stuff so we put it off, and watched TV instead.

Then I had to bring her home so she could go back out to camp with her dad that evening, and then I came home.

Next thing I can remember is Saturday the 3rd which was my birthday. It was also the day that Marie had planed on having Aaron, Benji and Chris out to camp. Chris couldn't make it, but Aaron and Benji did. They arrived about an hour after I did.

We tubed and then tried to ski, and got up after about five tries. Then her parents left to go out to eat, and we made ourselves burgers. Then she gave me a cake, and they sang happy birthday, and we ate it. After we went out in the boat and drove around a bit. Then Aaron and Benji left and I think me and Marie watched a movie.

That time I stayed out until Monday, I think. I worked Tuesday morning, so I left Monday evening.

I worked all this past week in frozen, which isn't as bad as bagging. Friday after noon I got out at 2:00 Pm, and then I drove out to Gravely. Marie pulled me and Mike tubing in the early evening, and then we went back in. I left around 9:20 Pm, because I had to work at 7:00 Am in the morning.

I got out at noon on Saturday, so I drove out again and stayed over until noon on Sunday. I don't have to work until 7:00 Pm tonight, but today is there last day out at camp, and they had to pack and what have you. Yesterday Marie pulled me and Greg Petri tubing and I hit a large wave and we up and hit my knee against my jaw, slamming me teeth together and biting my lip, causing it to split.

I thought it might need stitches, but didn't want them, so I just put ice on it and it was okay. It has split it open, but not too bad. That kind of put a damper on the afternoon, so eventually the rest of the people left back to their own camps.

Later that evening we pulled some othe kids tubing, and then me and Marie went back to her camp to have supper. Then we played a game of cards, or two, and then went to bed.

This morning we tried to go tubing again, but one of the tubes needed air, and try as me and Marie tried to get a pump to fill it up, we couldn't. And by the time we got back to the Petri's camp, it was raining, so we drove home. By that time it was noon, and her mom said that I had to leave by noon so they could pack, so I did.

I think that's about all of the important things that I've done in the past. The talent show at Daley was cancelled, so we couldn't even do our Dirt Bag routine.

Right now the only thing I can think about is going away to Middletown. It's just one of those things that I've known all along was at the end of this summer waiting for me, and there's just nothing I can do about it. Just simply, it scares me. I don't know if I'll be able to be happy without Marie, and without knowing if she still cares about me. When I think to the time that I'm going to have to say good-bye to her, it seems too unreal, and yet I know that in two weeks it will be done.

They've got me working every day from now until Friday, which is my last day. They've hade a few people quit on them, so they're hard up for help. It seems that nearly every day that I work, they ask me to stay late, but I've said no. They've also called me up a few times, but I've never gone in. Tonight and Monday night I bag, but the rest of the days is frozen. On the one hand I can't wait for work to get out, but on the other, after it gets out, I've only got one more week.

On Sunday the 18th me and Marie are going to see "Once Upon a Mattress" put-on in Collinsville by a professional group. I'm really excited to go and see it. We had also planned on going horseback riding and to a water-slide before the summer was over, but I think we'll be lucky just to do one of those things.

I had my hair cut a few days ago. I wanted something I little more in style, so I had it cut over my ears and really short on the sides and back. I kind of wanted it to stand-up a little on the top, but it doesn't too much. It is shorter, though, on the top.

Well, guess that's abou it for now. I'll try and write before I leave, and then I'm planning on taking this diary with me to Middletown, so I can continue it. I just wish I had a crystal ball to look into the future and see if I'll be happy, and if me and Marie stay together. I guess this diary will make for some good reading when this situation unfolds. Until later.

Appendix update: A-65 is my graduation card from Marie that I hid away and forgot to put in my diary; A-66 is a letter from Julie; A-67 is a letter from Bill back in the St E Center and apparently doing pretty well; A-68 is my birthday card from Marie. She also gave me a Lake Gravely sweatshirt. My parents are giving me a new watch, but I have to get around to picking it out.