Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hey, Abigail: I saved your lips!

I saved the card (right) the cast gave me in the summer of 1985 for helping direct that year's Summer Drama Workshop at Jefferson High School.

More interesting than the card, was the envelope, which, for reasons I didn't understand then nor now, was sealed with a kiss by cast member Abigail Abbey.

Abigail was a year behind me in school, and was kind of a hotty. Much to the surprise of me and my friends — and to Aaron — she asked Aaron out to the prom that year. They went as a couple along with me and Marie, Benji, Pringles, Larry and the rest.

Thursday, July 11, 1985
11:30 Am-12:21 Pm

Well, I guess when it starts to come around to being a whole month since I've last written, I guess it's time to write. It's just that I've had so much to do, that I've kind of forgotten about this diary.

Well, it's been so long, that I can't really remember anything that's too far back. Sometime a couple of weeks ago I got a call from Bill, who said that they had settled his case out of court. He's got two to 10 years back at St. Evans Correctional Center, where he was when he first went in. He seemed to think that he'd get the mimimum of the sentence, and might still go to college after he got out, but I doubt it. After just one month in there, he was going crazy; after two years min, he's going to be really gone. A couple of days ago I got a collect call from Bill, while I wasn't home, so I guess everything got settled, and he's in for his sentence.

I guess I can make a general note about the time that I can't remember any specific from. During that time I've been working somewhere from 15-22 hours a week, which translates into about four or five hours a day, with about two or three days off a week. When I haven't been working I've been probably with Marie.

I did finally get my R/C plane in order and got to go down to the field once and flew about three flights. No problem at all; it's like riding a bike, once you learn you never forget.

The latest, or I should say, farthest thing back that I can remember is the 4th of July. Me and Marie drove up to Collinsville to go to the alpine slide there. It was really expensive, and I only had $12, but Marie's mom gave her $40, so we were safe. We took three rides down that, and then drove further up the mountain, and took a look at the caves they have up there. Then we drove to where we could take a gondola ride up to the top of Mt. Tucson, and we did. Once we got up there we had lunch, spent some time up there and then came back down.

Then we drove home, and when we got home we lounged around a bit, until her father came home with her brother. We had eaten, but they hadn't. Mrs. R suggested some ribs from Barber's Chicken Shack, but Mr. R didn't seem to want to drive down. So then Marie suggesed that he let me and Marie take the Vette and drive down for him and brong back the ribs. Mrs. R was positive, so he gave the keys to Marie and we got ready and then left. I was quite nervous but after we got down there I was a bit better, and on the way back I felt a lot better. It was really fun, and probably the funnest part was turning people's heads when two young people like us stepped out of the car. Mrs. R said that when it gets buffed (it's just been painted) we can take it downn to Randall to visit Caroline Kramer and Aaron at Camp Daley, where they're both working. I'm really looking forwad to that.

After we did the rib run we stayed there a bit longer then left for the Elks Club to watch the fireworks. After that I brought her home, and stayed there a little longer, until about 1:40 Am, I think.

On Friday the 5th we drove up to Lake Gravely in her father's truck to bring up her sailboat. They were moving out there on Saturday, but had to get the boat out there earlier. So we drove out, and checked-out their new camp, and sailed a bit, too, if I remember correctly. We headed back around 9:00 Pm. The camp is really nice. When we got to her house I stayed there for a while and then left.

On Sunday I thought I had to work from 7:00 Am to noon, so I got up at 5:30 Am so I could get in to work on time, only to find out that the schedule meant 7:00 Pm to midnight. I was really pissed-off. I came back home and washed and waxed the car thoroughly. I spent the rest of the day mowing Gram's lawn, and packing for Marie's camp. Then I went to bed in the afternoon for about three hours. Finally it was time to go into work, which I did.

That day I also called Sam Beavins, which he had told me to do. He wants to have me and Marie over to his new house for supper sometime this summer. He told me to call back when I know next week's schedule of work, so we can set a date.

Anyway, the next day I got up around 8:30 Am and got ready to leave for Marie's camp. I had Monday and Tuesday off, and worked 5-9 Pm on Wednesday. So I was going to stay over from Monday 'til Wednesday.

I got all ready and left, and went to the bank to make a deposit. Then I picked up some soda to bring and then I went to Sky Gate and broke my high score on Galaga: new high score ... 182,050.

Then I left for the camp. I had driven out only a few days before, so I knew how to get there. I got there around 11:00 Am or so. I can't remember the exact order of events, but I think the first day we went out in their new boat for a while. Actually it isn't theirs yet. They're borrowing it to try it out and might buy it. It's really nice.

Anyway, that evening I think we watched a video on the Randall's VCR along with a few other kids from ajoining camps. I slept in a room downstairs, which isn't quite finished, but is very livable, and has a nice bed.

It's funny I can't quite remember the order, but sometime during my stay we went over to the falls, which is off from the lake, and has a neat little place to swim in. Mike brought us over and then left after a while and left us the boat. So only me and Maria where there. We swam and then got out and sat there a while before we left. I think that was Monday night.

On Tuesday afternoon, I think, me and Marie went out in her sailboat and brought our lunch. We stayed out about and hour and 30 minutes, because once we got down to the other end of the lake, the wind died. We had a good time though. A couple of times while I was there Marie went waterskiing and I either stayed on the dock and watched or went in the boat. They all tried to get me to go, but couldn't. I probably will, sometime.

On Wednesday we did some waterskiing, or they did that is, and I watched. Then Greg Petri, a past next door neighbor of the R's, when they used to rent a different camp, pulled me and Marie on a couple of inner tubes, behind the boat. It's called "tubing," and it's the funnest time I've had in along time. We borrowed a couple of inner tubes with a special canvas fitting over then, so that we could sit right in the middle and not fall through. There was a handle to hold onto also. After that I had to leave around 2:50 Pm, asnd get back home so that I get to work.

I absolutely forgot to mention the Summer Drama Workshop! I wrote an taped the PSA the week before. It's a little 30 seconder, and is kind of cute, but not my best. I've got a copy of it. During the workshop I picked Marie up every day and brought her home, when I didn't have to leave early for work, which was only once. I typed up the program, and also got it printed up, which I was sort of proud of, because it turned out really nice. I was supposed to direct Mindy Santerre's monologe and a scene from "The Importance of Being Earnest." I some how got out of doing Marcy's monologe. She isn't very good, and is kind of a flake, so that didn't disappoint me at all. The other scene went really well though. And, of course, I put on my own play with Marie. That week was really busy. But I survived and everything went really well. The scene I directed went really well, and so did my play. I also worked the curtain for the show. I was pretty nervous about putting on my play, worrying about how people would take it. We decided to change the order, so that mine was last. It went well, and we got good reception from a fairly small audience. It made me fell real good when I got people saying how good they thought the writing was and how well the whole thing came off. Taking with other people, I've heard that the talk in the audience was that of disbelief, that that was written by a high school student.

Also during that week Josh Gillman showed up, unexpected, one morning at 6:00 Am. He had been on vacation and was driving around, and had been driving all night. He stopped here to see us and rest. Of course I was gone all day, but I saw him in the morning and evening. The evening of the day after he came with me and Marie went to see "Barefoot in the Park" by the Bridgton Players, with some other kids from the workshop. That is, we saw it with some kids from the workshop.

Anyway, I'm getting sick of writing, obviously. Got to work tonight, but if I have a few days off next week, I'm going to go back and stay at Marie's camp some more. This afternoon I have to do some errends first. Think I'll call Benji to see if he wants to go on the errands with me. I haven't sen him for a while. Until next time ...

PS: Appendix update: A-56 a poem I wrote about last fall or so. I never really worked on it after the first draft, and just let it sit. Finally I decided I type it up and save it just as it was, instead of work on in now that the feeling has changed. A-57 program to "Barefoot in the Park," A-58 A-59 cards Marie made me on her computer; A-60 a card the guys at the workshop gave me for being a director. They also gave me a bubble pipe and soap, as kind of a joke director's gift.


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