Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Sam Beavins original

The ink and watercolor by my homeroom teacher and drama coach Sam Beavins that Marie gave me as one of my graduation gifts in June 1985 is the only piece of original artwork I own.

It followed me to college and back every school year, has hung on the wall of every apartment I've lived in, and currently graces the living room of my condo.

The colors have faded quite a bit in 20-plus years — or so I believe — but it's still probably the most-cherished possession I own.

Ironic that Marie thought I didn't appreciate it, as explained in this, the 23rd entry to my actual 1985 diary.

Sunday, June 16, 1985
12:45-1:36 Pm

Well, let's see. For the rest of this past week I worked Thursday and Saturday. They fixed it so I didn't have to work on Friday, since it was graduation. I think I've seen Marie everyday this week. She came over a couple of times this week, and one of the times we had a chocolate fondue. That day was Wednesday. She had to leave around 5:00 Pm, though, because she was going to Caroline Kramer's graduation at Lincoln, reluctantly, I might add.

Tuesday we did go shopping in Bridgton. I got my battery for my plane and a new battery cord. She didn't find anything she wanted, if I remember correctly. We stopped and got a dounot at Dunkin' Dognouts. (God damn it, I give up!)

Anyway, Friday was graduation. It was rainy pretty much all of the day, so they had it inside at the Bridgton Auditorium.

I got up at about 9:50 Am and showered. Then I went outside to see if I could start up my plane. It started fine, and I taxied it around the lawn a bit. I was going to go over to where the senior party was going to be and help Aaron and Paul and Benji set-up for the band. But Benji didn't know exactly when they were going to do it, and he was going to be a bit late probably anyway because he was taking Julie out to lunch, so I decided it wasn't worth my effort.

So I went to P&C and got my check I had forgotten to pick-up and then went to Radio Shack and returned a record needle duster thing that I had gotten a while before, which didn't fit my stereo. Then I dropped over to Sky Gate and played my usual game of Galaga. (To date my highest score is 179,940. It all sort of started during our Dew runs in school. We stated to go to Sky Gate as the daily routine. Each day I played at least one game of Galaga. Now, most of the time, I can get the high score.)

Anyway, after that I came home ... Wait! I met Benji and Joy at Sky Gate, just for the record. Anyway, after I got home I started to retype my play on my new typewriter, so it'll look more professional, but I kept messing up and had to keep starting over and I didn't get shit done. Soon Nana came and gave me my gift of $50. Then her and Mom left for Dawson to pick-up Anne. Soonafter Dad came home around 2:50 Pm. He showered and then I showered, I got ready and then left around 4:30 Pm for Marie's.

When I got there she gave me her presents. They are fantastic! She gave me a Gund puppy, which is real cute. And she also gave me, probably an 11" by 14" drawing that she paid Sam to do. It's in what I think is pen and colored with watercolors. What it is is all of the characters that I ever played on the stage, all standing next to each other. There's King Sextimus, Crestwell, Paul (from "The Diary of Anne Frank"), Stewpot ("South Pacific"), Manny ("Hocus Pocus"), Wilson ("Arsenic and Old Lace"), Hank ("You Can't Take It With You"), and in the background you can see a person up on the ledge of a building who is supposed to be my character in "The Ledge, Ledger and The Legend," the play I learned in about three days during the Summer Drama Workshop last year; his name escapes me.

Anyway, I thought that was just great and I didn't know what to say. I just stared at it.

Anyway, then we left for Bridgton and when we got there we went downstairs and she gave the other guys, and occasional girl, their gifts. Then she went upstairs and it was time to begin. We went through the entire ceremony. I got a scholarship for $100, that I didn't know about until I got it. We had some good speakers and got our diplomas. Afterward we hung around talking a bit. Bill, Benji and myself found Mr. P2 and got him to do his famous "speed walk" for us one more time and his bird calls. Then we broke up and I went home to change before leaving for Aaron's. He was having a little pre-senior party party with all of his relatives and some friends and some fireworks. When I got home I opened the card Mrs. R had giving me and found a 50 dollar bill in it!! I called her up to thank her and asked if Marie was home, and she said she had gone with Aaron to Aaron's house, and said that she thought that I thought I was mad at her. We got into a fairly long conversation about Marie and myself, and she told me that Marie was kind of hurt because she thought that I thoght that the picture she gave me was Sam's idea, and not hers and that she thought that I didn't appreciate her gifts. She also told me that she thought that I didn't want to see her after graduation, because I had said that if I go to senior party that she wouldn't be able to go, because she's not old enough. This year there was a rule about nobody under 16 being able to go.

Anyway, while I was talking with her, Marie called her mom on the other line and told her to get off the phone with me, so she could talk to me. Which she did. Then I talked with Marie and tried a clear up the whole apparent mess that we had, and told her that I did appreciate her gifts and that if she wanted to try and get into senior party, I'd be willing to take her. I guess that cleared it up pretty good.

Well, I finally got over to Aaron's and we went out to watch the fireworks and what have you. Soon we left for the party and Marie had decided to go. So I had to bring her home first to change and then we left. On the way we stopped at Grand Union and got a six of Dew and stopped to get gas. By-the-way, today Dad found out, and I did too, for that matter, that I had forgotten to put the gas cap back on the car after putting gas in it, so now it's missing.

Then we tried to go to the party but couldn't really find it. We passed what I now know was it, and found Maynard's. Then we backtracked and found what I thought at the time was probably ours. But it was just a little road leading up into a field, and didn't really look that inviting, so we just kept on going and I brought her home.

We watched "Romantic Comedy" on the VCR and had a couple of Dews. I left around 3:10 Am.

The next day I worked from 2:00 Pm to 7:00 Pm. After work I went to Sky Gate for a game of Galaga, and then to Marie's. Anywhere we went we had to bring her brother, because her parents we gone, and for some strange reason, they wanted him looked after that day. I wanted to be home by 10:50 Pm or so, so that I could tape the beginning off from "The Twilight Zone." I've been thinking of ideas for some PSAs for the workshop and I thought a takeoff of "The Twilight Zone" would work, but I want to parody it exactly. I mean do a version taken from exactly what the show says, not from what I can remember, which is very little.

Anyway, when I got home the Liptons and and the Priestlys were still here. My mother had then over for supper and they were watching TV, and I didn't feel like interupting them, so I didn't get to tape it.

And that brings us to today. I got up around 11:00 Am and have been doing this ever since finishing eating and showering.

Think that's it. Will write again next weekend. Until then ...


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