Sunday, April 23, 2006

Senior prom

The senior prom was really a non-event for me, back in 1985. If I didn't have a girlfriend at the time, I can't imagine I would have tried to find someone to go with.

When the photo (right) came back from the processor, I took a little heat from Marie for the jackass grin I hadn't even realized I had affixed to my face.

Sunday, June 2, 1985
11:39 Am-12:19 Pm

Unfortunately, I missed writing last week, because I was so busy. I'm sure most of the details have escaped me now, but I think I can remember the bigger things that happened.

Sometime during that time I'm sure I drove a couple of times, and probably gave Marie a ride home.

Saturday was the prom. I spent the day washing the car, inside and out, and then went to pick up her corsage. Then I showered and got dressed, and left to pick her up.

We were going to have her mother take some pictures, but we had to wait for her Dad to come home with the film. After he arrived, he couldn't figure out how to work the camera, so we didn't get any there. We were going to stop by my house and have some taken there, but we were late as it was so we didn't.

We met the other guys at the hospital parking lot. When we had all arrived, we went to Summerside, in Randalogh (no, I didn't even come close to spelling that right.)

Anyway, on the way over Benji started out in the lead, but then pulled over into a U-turn spot, while the rest of us stopped on the side. I guess his needles were going haywire, so he stopped ... in a U-turn spot, of course.

Well, then Paul took the lead, and him and Benji battled over it all the way, as they kept passing each other, and I had to do 65-70 mph all the way just to keep up with them.

We finally got there and had a good meal. When we were done it was about 9:15 Pm, or so. We headed back, and got there at about 10:00 Pm. We went in and sat around, and checked the place over, and found Aaron.

There were only about two hours left. The band was real good. I danced about three slow dances with Marie and that was it. She danced about three dances with other guys since I wouldn't dance with her fast.

When it was over I brought her home to change, and then we went to Jon Giffin's at about 1:00 Am. Jon, Michelle Harold, Tara, Dan, Leif Simpson, Jamie Geist, and Karen Northland were there, too. We ate popcorn and played Clue and that was about it. We left around 2:40 Am.

After I brought Marie home we stayed there about an hour or so, and I got home around 4:00 Am.

I think that about does it for that week. I seems like Sunday we did something, which made me unable to do my entry that day, because I still had a little homework to do when I got ho~m, but what we did I can't remember.

Well, let's see. This past week went by pretty fast. Tuesday I brought back my tux during a double free period. Aaron and Paul went with me, and we had lunch downtown while were in Bridgton.

Then that day Marie and I left before 9th period to go to her house and fix her brother's birthday cake. We decorated it. When her brother came home we went out to eat at the Steak House, Marie, Mike and me. (Mrs. R's treat, for Mike's birthday, but it felt like mine.)

I had to stay up 'til 11:00 Pm that night to finish my homework after I got home around 10:00 Pm.

Wednesday we had planned on coming over here after school and watching a movie in the evening since we didn't have school the next day. But Marie's mom wanted her to mow the lawn first, so we went to her house, where we got stuck into getting the pool ready and also mowing. I did all the tractor mowing, while Marie did the push mowing. I actually had a pretty good time, maybe because I felt good helping out. When we were done it was around 8:00 Pm, so we decided not to bother going to my house, but just to stay there.

The next morning we had to march in the parade. I got there about 9:45 Am, and after the parade Marie and myself went to Sky Gate and played some games. We also met Benji there.

Then we came back here and had lunch, washed my car and then went on a walk up on the Norton trails. When we got back it was 3:30 Pm, and Marie's mom had said to be home by 4:00 Pm. So Marie called her and asked if she could stay for supper, but her mom told her all of the things she had to do to get ready for the Drama club pool party she was having on Friday. So I told Marie I'd go home with her and help her get ready.

First we stopped by her father's store and got some money and drove to Bridgton to get some Chinese food. Then we came back and ate it, and then skimmed the pool, washed the concrete, washed the edge, and washed the chairs.

Later in the evening we ran down to Happy's for her mom, but couldn't find what we needed. When we got back her mom told me my mom had called to tell me that P&C wanted to see me Friday morning.

I left around 9:30 Pm that night, because Marie had school, but I didn't: Senior Skip Day.

The next morning I went to P&C and they told me that I was hired, and wanted me to come in at 4:00 Pm that afternoon to be orientated. Well, Marie's party started at 3:00 Pm and ended at 6:00 Pm, so that time really sucked, since I was really looking forward to the party. But I had no choice, and said I'd be there.

The rest of the day before the party was spent running errands for my Mom, getting stuff for the party, spending a little time in Sky Gate and getting some model airplane fuel. I've received $50 total in the mail for graduation. I looked for a pair of sunglasses since I lost my good pair, but couldn't find a pair I liked. Then I picked Marie up at school before 9th period so we could get ready for the party.

I had lunch there, and had to leave around 3:40 Pm. I got at P&C and we read through the handbook together, and walked around the store. I got back at Marie's around 5:20 Pm. I was really pissed off because they choose to start me Saturday morning, when I was supposed to march around the school track with the band.

I stayed after the party had left and left around 11:30 Pm. Marie and myself did go swimming later, after her mom and dad went out to eat.

Saturday I went to work for the first day, and didn't like it too much. I was real nervous about working the time card and finding out what I was supposed to do. First I swept the floor, which I think I have to do every day I work at the start. Then I bagged groceries, ran price checks, and retreived carts from the lot the rest of the day. I worked from 10:00 Am to 2:00 Pm. I was quite ready to leave when it was time to go. I have to go back on Wed and Thurs from 4:00 Pm to 8:00 Pm.

After I got home I went to Gram's and mowed her lawn, and she gave me her bottles and I returned them before I went home. ($6.05)

When I got home I talked with Marie and then studied for the evening until about 9:00 Pm, then watched TV and got to bed a little earlier than usual, after talking with Marie again.

Yesterday was dark and dismal, but today is great. I have to study for finals today, and yesterday, too, which is why I didn't see Marie last night. She was going to drop over today just for five minutes, but I couldn't find-out why. She must have something to give to me, that's all I can figure out. Anyway, she called and asked me to come over and swim for a little while this evening and I said I would, so instead of her coming over for a little while, I'm going to go over there.

Like I said, I'm going to study this afternoon, but it's going to be hard. I think I might have to do the hand mowing, if Dad doesn't do it. I'd also like to get my R/C plane ready to go, but I might put that off. I've got the fuel.

Well, gotta go. Sorry for the lousy quality of this entry, but I'm in a hurry to get going on my studying. Appendix A-51 is a letter from Marie, although it's dated 3/22/85 it's meant to be 5/22/85. Later, dude.


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