Sunday, April 09, 2006

Curtains for the Class of '85

As the 1985 school year came to a close, and my graduation from Jefferson High School was imminent, I don't think I allowed myself to really think too much about it. As this, the 20th entry to my 1985 diary shows, the end of the school year seemed to kinda sneak up on me.

Sunday, May 19, 1985
7:14-7:35 Pm

This week kind of flew by, for some reason. The end of the school year is rapidly approaching, and I'm so busy with things that I've barely been noticing. I think we get out on the 6th; we only have about 2 1/2 weeks left.

Anne had the car all last week, so I didn't drive to school once, although Benji drove once, and gave me a ride.

Some time ago I got my Physics paper in and my major Brit Auth paper in. Now I've got to write my Econ paper for the 27th, and I'm free of major assignments for the year, except for finals.

Thursday was our concert. It went quite well. I rode over with Benji before the concert. He had to give Nicole Sullivan a ride, too. I think she's got a crush on him. She is one of the biggest bitches I know, and I really hate her guts. Anyway, we had to leave a little early so we could bring her to Happy's to get a pair of black pants for the concert. While we were there we met Aaron, who was getting a roll of film for the evening; more on that later. He left to go home after that, and we went to school.

For Jazz band Aaron, Benji and I wore shorts, and crazy shirts. Aaron wore his Hawaiian shirt and I wore one borrowed from Marie. We also wore those necklaces of flowers around our necks and shades, of course. The concert went well.

After the concert Aaron, Benji and I went to take another Dirt Bag picture. A long time ago we took our picture using Aaron's self-timer in front of a beer truck down at the bottom of the hill our school's on. There's a distributor there. The picture's a riot. We all jumped up in the air, and luckily caught some real neat facial expressions and stuff. Anyway, we thought it was so neat that Aaron wanted to try and get some more like that. So after the concert we went to the same place, and did some stuff like that. We took about four there. Then we went to ABEP to take some there, but it didn't look like it was going to work. So instead we did some nutty stuff in front of the Levi's sign next door.

Marie had come along, and Benji got trapped into giving Nicole a ride home, so she had to come along, too. After that Benji drove Marie home, and then Nicole home before dropping me off.

Friday Benji gave me a ride to school. After school Marie/Benji and myself went down to the arcade. Then we went to ABEP to play Xevius (it's back, after a long absence). Then we went to Maynard to get some saline solution for Benji. Marie and myself went to Carry-Away Video to pick up the entertainment for Saturday night. Then he brought us home.

Friday night Marie and I went to see "LadyHawk." It was okay. After that we went to Bridgton and got a ribbon for her printer and stopped by the arcade on the way back. Then we went to her house and watched TV and played on her computer, too. I went home and got home around 12:40 Am, a little earlier than usual because ...

Saturday morning I had a hair appointment at 11:00 Am. It looks nice now. It was quite long before. All afternoon I worked on reading a Brit Auth book.

Saturday night I went to Marie's and watched "His Girl Friday" (a film based on "The Front Page") and "Oh, God!" on video. I got home around 1:20 Am. Before I left I developed a headache and didn't feLl very good, maybe due to a recent lack of sleep.

Next Saturday is the prom. We still haven't figured out where we're going to eat. We're going to go with Larry/Judy, Benji/Liza Polanski, Paul/Cole, and Jamie Geist/Karen Northland, but the whole mob of us hasn't decided where to go yet. We'd better get on it. This week I've also got to see about getting a corsage for Marie. I don't know if you have to order one ahead of time or what. I want to get one that'll go with what she'll be wearing, which she tells me is lavender.

Went to Burger King and had a psedo-interview Tuesday. He asked me some general questions about my experience, and what hours I'd like to work and stuff. Told me I'd get a call soon, but I haven't. Tomorrow I'm going to drive to school and go back to Garry's, BK, the hospital and maybe some car place in E. Maynard, that I heard were looking for somone. I'll have a lot less to do after I find a job.

Guess that's about it for now. Will write again next weekend. Shalom.


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