Saturday, January 21, 2006

Mattress on my wall

once upon a mattress poster
Several years ago, I pulled Sam Bevins' "Mattress" poster (right) out of my closet and brought it into the frame shop to be matted and framed.

Time has since faded the royal red into something more like a magenta, but it still looks great on my living room wall.

The "Mattress" T-shirt I mention in this, the 12th entry to my 1985 diary, has long-since been commissioned to the rag pile, and, very likely, has long since been thrown away.

One more thing about this entry: My strongest memory of watching "The Breakfast Club" for the first time, is that I left the theater with barely an idea of what I'd just witnessed. Holding Marie's hand through the whole thing drove me to such distraction, that I couldn't even begin to concentrate on the film.

Sunday, March 24, 1985
7:25-7:54 Pm

Appendix update. A-28 are the scripts to the radio promos; A-29 and A-30 are both letters/notes from Marie. Guess that's it.

Well, let's see. This week kind of went by fast. In fact, time in general seems to really be flying along. Wednesday Benji and myself went to WPNT and did our taping. It went really well. We did my promo that I did myself, first. Then we did the Bob & Doug MacKenzie one, only we changed it to MacKenny, so we wouldn't get sued. We got both on first take. I also got copies of both for myself. This next week I'm going to get ahold of the person that helped us do the "Relative Values" promo, to see if they might still have a copy, so I could get one. So far, I haven't heard either one of them play on the air.

I had rehearsal every day except Wednesday and Friday. It's coming along, but like I said, I'm still having some problem interpreting my character. The poster design has been done for some time now, and it's great! In fact, they've sent out for the T-shirts already. The design is the same, and it's going to be a three-color design on a white shirt. I saw the design in color on paper, and it looks great. I can't wait to get the posters up and get the T-shirts in.

I talked to Sam about the promos for the musical: if they're going to have any, and if I could work on them. He said he'd really like me to do them, and Monday we're going to sit down at lunch and brainstorm. I also mentioned to him about me writing a little feature article for the musical program, which he also thought was a good idea. I'm really excited about it all.

The costumes are already being made. They're going to hand make every last one of them rats. This past week we had our measurements taken, but from what I've heard, some of the smaller parts have already been made. I've seen a couple of them and they are fantastic! I can't wait to see what they'll make for me. I hope I don't get let down.

Friday Marie and I went to see Maynard High's musical, "Grease." We had heard that it had a lot of problems, but it was quite good. We met Benji, Aaron, Liza Polanski and Judy Carlson there, and we all sat together. Paul was with them, too. After the show, we took off and went to Marie's and I stayed until about 1:15 Am, or so.

Saturday Marie went to Dawson shopping, and I did homework; I had a lot. Then I went to pick her up at 6:15 Pm, but she wasn't there. I sat with her brother watching TV, until she got home about five minutes later. It looked like we were going to be late to the first showing of the movie, so we decided to wait and go see the second showing. So we hung around and played on her synthesizer and played some Atari, among other things, until we left around 8:35 Pm.

We got there and got a big bowl of popcorn and watched "The Breakfast Club." It was real good. After that I brought her home, and left around 1:45 Am.

Next Friday we're going to watch "This Is Spinal Tap," on the dish. That's the movie we were going to watch the day we got snowed out, about three weeks ago. It's a good movie, and I don't mind seeing it again.

Libby gave me five rolls of Lyle Miller's film to develop and make contact prints of over the weekend. He's been taking pictures at rehearsals. Only three of the rolls had film in them, but it still took a while. That's what I did for most of today. Marie went to a D&D party, like she does on occation. I just finished the film a while ago.

I did write the article for The Chronicle, and I think it came out okay. Aaron took a picture of our cast for the Headmasters' Competition, and I handed it in with the article on Friday afternoon. I'm really excited to see it in print. The Chronicle comes out on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I don't have rehearsal Wednesday or Thursday this week. Thursday I have an appointment with the dermotologist. Some day the car has to go into the shop. When we had new tires put on it the guy said that we have a major oil leak, so some time it's got to go in. Until then we're just going to keep a close check on the oil.

Guess that's it for now. I've got to call Marie back around 8:20 Pm, after she gets back from religion class. I've also got to run over my "lines." I guess one of the reasons that I feel so lousy about my part is because I don't feel like I've done hardly any work on it. So right now I think I'm going to run them over. Later ...

Monday, January 16, 2006

Flashdance ... what a feeling

There are a handful of classic '80s movies for which I have classic '80s memories of seeing for the first time. "Flashdance" is one of them.

I probably sound melodramatic in writing that "I was scared to death" of making it home across that winter wasteland Marie lead me across following Julie's birthday party. (And I probably was melodramatic.)

But remember that getting stranded in a remote part of New England in the dead of night in the wintertime occasionally makes for a story with an unhappy ending. Unlike today, help in the '80s wasn't just a cell phone call away. (For that matter, plenty of the rural areas in my state still don't enjoy cell coverage.)

That snowy trip home and the odd stillness of Marie's house when we arrived will always be paired in my mind with Jennifer Beals' leg-warmers.

Sunday, March 17, 1985
8:03-8:37 Pm

Before I forget, a couple of new entries into the appendix. A-26 is a letter from Julie, a week or so old. A-27 is a little note I found on my backpack after I left it on the table I sit at during Physics. Aaron, Bill and I dumped our stuff and then left to goof around, and when I came back, it was on it.

Secondly, if this entry is a little disjointed, it's probably because I'm listening to the Talking Heads' album "Stop Making Sense" on my headphones, therefore I'm probably going to stop making sense.

Well, let's see. I've driven every day to school this past week, except Wednesday, because I've had rehearsal every day. This next week I have rehearsal every day, except Wednesday, again.

The rehearsals are going okay, but I feel a little upset over my part. It's just that I'm having a real hard time trying to figure out how to play it. How does he act toward this character, how does he walk, etc. etc. I just don't know. (Fuck this music, I can't concentrate!)

That's better. Every day I've driven, I've brought Marie home, and once in a while I'll stay there for a little while.

I don't think anything exciting has happened this past week, except on Friday and the following. After Friday's rehearsal, Marie and myself and Lannie Hendrix, the exchange student who's playing the queen, were walking out to my car; I was going to give them both a ride home, since Lannie lives right across from Marie. Aaron and Paul were just pulling out of the parking lot in the truck. Aaron backed right into a beautiful white Saub turbo. I must have turned my head for a second, because I didn't realize what had happened, but Marie saw it. Aaron and Paul got out and took a look at the car, and from where we were it looked true. Aaron and Paul walked back into school, and we went to the lot, and took a look. The car was Edward Polson's, the choreographer for the musical. The bumper of the truck was higher then that of the car, so it had hit the trunk, and did a good job on it.

Anyway, we went to Katey's Things and picked up a bBy bard for Julie. Then I brought Lannie home, and then Marie. Her parents and brother weren't home. We hung around until her mother came home, with her brother. Then we left and went to Timothy's for supper. Then we proceeded to Julie's house at about 7:30 Pm for her surprise birthday party. Paul, Ted, Cris Kramer and a couple of other people I knew and didn't know were there. Benji had taken Julie out to go bowling or something so we could get ready. Then Benji and Julie arrived. She opened her presents and we had cake, and then hung around for a while, before watching "Flashdance." Since I didn't have any money, I got Julie a Dew. Marie and myself got her a card together; eat your heart out Julie.

After the movie it was 10:30 Pm, and Paul had to leave, and Marie and myself had to leave, too, or wanted to leave, so we did. I drove her home a way that I didn't know, but she did. It was blowing something terrible, and had been snowing. We got onto a backroad that at one point looked exactly like an open field. We kept on driving, and started to spin in the drift. We almost got stuck, and I was scared to death. But it pulled through and we made it to her house.

I stayed there until about 12:00 Am, I think, and then left. From the time we left the party the rest of the night seemed very surreal. The ride to Marie's house was freaky, and when we got home (to her house) her entire family was in bed, unusual for a Friday night. Something just didn't seem right. It was strange.

Saturday afternoon I did my homework, and that evening we went out to see a play: "The Way of the World." It was an old 17th century play I believe, and it was terribly boring. We met Jon Giffin there and sat with him. It was well done, but lasted three hours and was terribly boring, too. I wish that we had gone to see the exchange concert at our school and gone to the dance afterwards, instead. That's what Benji, Aaron and Larry did.

After the play we went back to her house, and soon after her parents came home from being out. We went downstairs, and fooled around a bit, and I left at 12:45 Am, I believe.

This morning I awoke, got ready and then left for her house. Her parents went to Boston, and her father had gotten us a couple of passes to go skiing at Blackhill Valley. I got there at about 12:50 Pm, and we left soon after.

The skiing was good, with not a large crowd, but a little one. We got in four good length runs, and I had a better time than I did before, because it wasn't as cold.

I brought her back home and then stayed there until 5:10 Pm. Then I came home.

I had a moderate amount of homework this weekend. On top of that I felt like I should practice my lines, the promos and get started on a Chronicle article I'm supposed to write for the Proscenium competition for Libby. I just don't see how I'm going to get it done before the paper's deadline of Friday. I'd really like to see something I wrote in a newspaper, but I don't think I've got the ambition to do it.

There seems like there are so many things I have to do, and I just don't have time. I spend so much time with Marie, that I don't have time. I enjoy being with Marie, but it makes me angry that I can't get things done. Like today, I left her house at 5:10 Pm because I had some things that I wanted to get done. Instead of understanding that she tries to make me feel guilty for leaving her before I absolutely have to. That really aggravates me. I get less rest on the weekends than I do on the week days, and that's not a whole lot.

Wednesday Benji and I go into WPNT to do the taping. I'm looking forward to that a lot.

Guess that's it for now. Sorry for the messy, quick entry, but like I said, time's a luxury nowadays.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dirt Bag

dirt bag
The Dirt Bag photo (right) I describe taking in this, the 10th entry to my 1985 diary, is one that kinda went down in history for me, Aaron and Benji.

It hung on my wall most of my college years, and we regrouped some time after graduation to shoot a similiar one.

Though the inclusion of the Bud Light truck probably appears, on the surface, to be a typical teenager's obsession with alcohol, it actually was a fluke. We'd hoped to take the photo in front of a Mountain Dew truck — that sugary concoction being our drink of choice throughout our high school years — but the distributor didn't have any parked in the lot.

Rather than go home empty handed, we settled for the beer truck.

Sunday, March 10, 1985
12:55-1:36 Pm

Last Sunday afternoon I did go over to Marie's. I thought since her parents were coming home I wouldn't, but Marie called and I did. They had gotten things for Marie and Mike, too, I assume, and they even brought something back for me. It's a leather tie. It's real soft blue leather. It's thin, but has a sort of squared off bottom. I fixed that by gluing the ends down, to make it look like my other ones.

Last Sunday afternoon we watched old home movies. A lot of them were taken at their camp at Gravely, but some were real old, and of Marie when she was a baby. Funny stuff. I stayed until Marie had religion, then I brought her to it and then went home.

Monday night I was going to have Marie over to watch a movie. As it turned out we got hit with a real bad storm. It snowed feet upon feet, and they had predicted freezing rain, rain and snow. Both "Moms" didn't seem to pleased at the thought, and we ended up not doing it.

Tuesday we didn't have school, but I was woken up at about 8:10 Am to shovel the end of the driveway. After I did that, one of the doctors at my mother's office came and plowed the whole thing out. By then it was about 9:00 Am, and I was so awake I didn't bother trying to go back to sleep.

That afternoon I did go job hunting. Yehhhhhhh! I finally got myself to go and do it. As far as radio stations go, WPNT is definately out of the picture and WIKS seems it, too. WRAI/WPLY seem like the only canidates. He said in late April/early May they'll be hiring one or two part-timers. I figure I've got a pretty good chance. First of all, I have the required licence to go on the air. I figure that's a real advantage over someone who doesn't have it. Secondly, on their application they ask if I've got a licence (driver's) and a car. I could answer yes to both questions, which I figure is another plus. After I tape the radio promos, I think I'm going to call up WRAI/WPLY to let the program manager know that I was the one who wrote and taped the promos, so he can get an idea of what I can do. (Although the tapes will be recorded at WPNT, they'll be distributed to all area stations.) Then in early April I'm going to check-up again.

I also went to about 10 other places, which is only a very small fraction of the places I could have gone. I received very little encouragement, except at one place: Bradley Landscaping.

The school week went okay. The forms for senior priviledges are in. I've got to get some more of my teacher's to sign it, and I've got my privileges. None of them are very exciting, except the open campus one which allows us to leave school whenever we have free time. This isn't to say that we don't already do that; me and Aaron leave school about every day to go to ABEP during four and five period when we have them off. But to me it'd be a good feeling to know that we couldn't get into trouble.

My Physics and Econ tests went okay. Perhaps not my old perfectionist quality, but enough to suit me at this point in time.

I only had to be at rehearsal once this past week. That day we just worked on characters. Since I have no lines, singing and little dancing, I think, that is the only thing that helps me. Sam said we'll be doing a lot more of that stuff, me and him, because it's what I need. That made me feel a little more secure. Sam and me worked our way through one scene several times, and by the end I felt a lot better about it.

This weekend, or part of it, Marie went on a retreat for her religion class. She didn't want to go, but rules is rules. She left Friday after school and came back Saturday afternoon about 5:00 Pm.

Friday I went to school with Benji around 6:30 Pm. Aaron had to take pictures of some Jr high B-ball game. We met him him and when he had the time, we drove down to the beverage distributors at the bottom of the hill our school is on, and took Dirt Bag pictures. I don't remember if I told you, but the name of our group when we tried out for the talent show was Dirt Bag. Since then it's kind of turned into another "club," like GeekBusters was or The Bozos are. Only this one is elite, only Aaron, Benji and myself. Well, we had planned on taking our picture and putting it up on the display board along with the rest of the talent show winners just as a gag. One day before senior band we met in the aud, and Paul and Marie helped us take some pretty wild pictures. Only to find out later that we had forgotten to put film in the camera.

Now the board with the contestants of the talent show have long been taken down, but we still want some pictures. So Friday night we drove down to the beverage distribution place and took some crazy pictures in front of a Bud Light truck. What a gag.

After Aaron was done, we went to ABEP, only to find the place was filled, literally, with retards. So then we went to Sky Gate for a while. Before we went to ABEP, we walked into the X-rated bookstore, and had a look around. Another gag.

Aaron left Sky Gate before Benji and I. Then Benji and I went to Zayre's and looked around, before leaving. That night was the first in a long time that I got to bed a little early.

Then last night I went and picked Marie up around 5:50 Pm. We came back here and watched "Brainstorm." Soon after we got here Mom and Dad left to go downtown. I don't think they came back until about 8:15 Pm. At 9:00 Pm we watched "Hot Dog." Somewhere around 9:30 Pm Mom and Dad went to bed.

A lot of the movie after that point I can't remember. We had a little scare when one of my parents got up to go to the bathroom.

She was really worn out from staying up nearly all night at her retreat, and she fell asleep around 12:25 Am. I let her sleep until 1:15 Am, and woke her up to let her know what time it was; I didn't want her parents to get mad. Then I woke her up again at about 1:30 Am, and she stayed awake. Finally at around 2:10 Am I brought her home. I've talked with her today, and her parents aren't mad.

Last night she asked me if next year I'd still love her as much. I really didn't know what to say, and told her I thought I still would. She said that next year I'd be with a lot of people my own age, and they'd all be new people from all over the place. I told her I knew that, and that I'd thought about that a lot myself. She said she didn't want me to go, and I said that I wasn't so crazy about the idea myself. This is one of the things that I've been doing a lot of thinking about lately. What will be our relationship after I go off to Middletown? I really don't know, and it bothers me.

Yesterday Mom and Dad picked up the Bronco II. It's really nice looking in dark blue, with white and light blue on the sides. It's got just about very option you could imagine. I haven't driven it yet, and I doubt I will, very much. But the real good news is that we're keeping the Rabbit, too. That means I'm practically going to be having my own car.

I've got more things to do today than I'd like to have to. I've got some homework that I should get going on, and I'd like to get my WONG finished and get some more prints made from a roll I developed a while ago. I also should work on my part in the musical. I know I won't get all of that done. Oh well. Until next time ...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The worm turns

One thing I've learned about myself from committing my 1984/85 diary to the Web 20 years later is that, as much as it seems I've changed in that time is as much as I've essentially stayed the same.

Case and point: my feelings about Marie beginning to turn a couple months into seeing her, mentioned in this, the 9th entry to my diary.

I think that some distance into about every relationship I've had since, I've felt the same thing, more or less. So much so, that I've learned to anticipate it, and not be shaken by it.

Sunday, March 3, 1985
11:19 Am-11:49 Am
Before I start, I want to update the appendix. A-21 is a little note from Marie responding to the question I wrote in our locker: "Where's my WONG?" A-22 is a letter from Julie, about a week old. A-23 and A-24 are letters from publishers. A-25 is the program from the talent show at school (more on that later). Finally, A-26 and A-27 are letters from Marie. The first is one she wrote to me, and the second is a response to my response to her first one.

Okay. Well, let's see what's been going on with me. This past week we had musical rehearsals every day. I'd like to be able to say that I really enjoy my part, but I don't all that much. It's okay, but some of the things I really feel stupid doing. Everybody says it's a riot, but I don't think so. I only have to be there once next week, because most of the week is going to be spent cheoreographing a dance, that I don't think I'm in.

I talked with Libby this past week, and she's letting me do the radio promos for the Proscenium Competition. That means I get to write them and also tape them at WPNT, like I did for "Relative Values." I feel like I've got to get WPNT's attention somehow if I'm going to get a job there this summer, and I really feel like this is going to be my only chance. Right now I've got a Bob and Doug MacKenzie routine that I wrote to promote the competition, and Benji's going to do it with me for the tape. I think it's pretty funny, and it also tells everything it needs to tell about the competition, too. I'd like to write at least one more, since I've got the opportunity to do it. I think I will.

Marie's parents have been gone this past week. Sometime in the week I went to the library in Maynard, and I picked Marie up to go with me. Then when we came back I stayed there for a while. I think that was Tuesday. Both Friday night and Saturday I went to the talent show. Friday I picked up Marie and brought her there and back. Afterwards we came back to her house and watched a movie. That night I got her a rose to give to her, because it was two months ago that day that we went to see Lincoln's one-act plays, and after that we went back to her house, etc. etc.

Saturday Mom and Dad left me off at her house around 2:45 Pm, before they left for Dawson. We played Trivial Pursuit and had supper, before Ann brought us to the talent show. After the show Aaron brought Marie and myself to ABEP to find it was closed. Then we went to Zippy's. We had planned on asking for a Dew, and when we found out they didn't sell it we had planned on getting up and walking out without saying anything. We got there, and when the time came we just started to laugh and made total asses out of ourselves. Finally we said we'd have something else and we did.

I don't have all that much homework this weekend. This next week, though, I think I'm having two tests, one in Econ and one in Physics. I won't worry about those until the time comes.

Either at the end of this quarter or the end of the year we have another Physics project due. This time I think I'm going to recycle an old Expo paper. There was a time that I'd be too nervous about doing something like this to do it, but at this point in time I'm a goin' for it. I just can't imagine myself sitting down and starting from scratch. The paper is on fiber optics, but it's 10 pages, double-double spaced, like I got away with it in Expo. But Mr. P2 says double-spaced is four clicks on the typewriter, and that is eight. So what I'm doing is going back to my old sources and getting some new ones, and hopefully I'll find some more info, and some diagrams to copy into an appendix. If not I guess I'll just settle for a five-page paper, and the grade that comes along with it.

I didn't look for jobs last Saturday. Maybe this Tuesday, since we don't have school; it's town meeting day.

Things aren't going as well as they used to be with Marie and myself. I guess it's something like I said, we're getting sick of each other. It's just getting hard for both of us, I think, to treat each other nicely. I think those two notes that Marie wrote to me this week kind of show that. I don't think it's too serious, and I think we can deal with it.

I'm pretty sure Dad is going back to work this Monday. The phone rang this morning and he talked for a while, and from the conversation that happened between him and my mother, it sounded like hers going back this Monday. We wasn't off for all that long with year, but it'll be nice to have him back to work.

Marie's parents are coming home today, I think. I've got to work on my mimes and promos now. I also should start to look at my Physics project stuff and start a little on that, but I doubt I will. (Senioritice.)

Guess that's it for now. Until next time ...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Have it your way, at Burger King

An amusing coda to Benji throwing up his Burger King strawberry shake in the Grand Union parking lot was a talk we had a few days later with a classmate who worked for the King.

He told us "lots of people throw up the strawberry ones."

Maybe they should have looked into that.

Saturday, Feb. 23, 1985
12:29-1:20 Pm

Well, I guess I've put-off writing this for long enough. It's just that even though I've got a week off, I've been spending so much time with Marie, that I haven't gotten around to doing a lot of things I've wanted to.

Well, some of the finer details have already slipped my mind. But last Saturday I went over to Marie's in the afternoon, I believe, to go X-country skiing, which we never did because Marie had pulled some muscle in her leg. Anyway, Dad had brought me over, because Mom and Anne needed the car. So when Marie's parents left to go out to eat, they brought us to my house, so I could pick-up my car. Then Marie and I went to the Aunt Betty's Everything Pizza for supper. We went back to her house and went downstairs to watch some videos, the titles of which I can't even be sure of now.

Quite a bit later in the evening, after her brother had gone to bed, and I'm sure her parents were home, we started to do what we do, only this time it got quite serious, probably as serious as it can get, if I hadn't stopped. I felt her over underneath her pants and underpants, and did some sort of infantile act with my mouth and her breasts. Well, she started to feel me over, and then rolled me over on top of her. Then she started to pull down my pants, and hers were already unsnapped and unzipped. Well, I saw what was going to happen very soon if I didn't do something about it. I thought quick. I had to say something. Well, it may not be poetry, but I said in her ear, "We can't do this!" Perhaps not poetry, but it worked. She stopped, and said, "Then don't."

We stopped and went back to watching the movie, the title of which now comes to me: "DreamScape." Then she rolled half onto me, and we looked into each other's eyes for a while, and she asked me what I was thinking. I avoided it for a while but she was persistent, and finally I told her. I said, "I was thinking how nice it would have been not to have had to said what I said." Before this, I think it was, I asked her if she knew why we couldn't do "what we wanted to do." I just didn't want her to think it was because I didn't want to, but wanted her to know it was because of the risk of pregnancy. I assumed she knew, but just wanted to make sure. She said, "I'm not stupid"." I guess she knew.

Then I asked her what was on her mind, and after a while she told me, "I was thinking how nice it was of you to say no, even though you wanted to." That made me feel good.

I think I must swallow air when I make-out lying down, because that night I went home with a stomach ache, which kept me up nearly all night. The next day I was fairly sick, with the same sort of really painful stomach ache. I slept nearly all the afternoon, and went to bed early. The next day it was practically all gone, but not all.

I went to Dawson with Mom and Dad and Marie. It turned out to be one of the worst times I've ever had. We went to the Uptown Mall, but after we looked for my clothes, Mom and Dad dragged us off to another rotten mall, without giving us any time to walk around by ourselves. They left us off at this other mall, while they went to look at water beds. After an hour or so, they came back and picked us up. Then I found out we weren't going out to eat. I was so pissed-off that they had embarrassed me so much in front of Marie. I mean, not giving us any time for ourselves, and then finding out that we weren't going out to eat, after I had told Marie we were.

Anyway, then we came home, and had supper here. Then we went to her house to watch some more movies.

Tuesday there was another B-ball game. Benji drove me there, because I couldn't get the car. Afterwards we all went to ABEP if I remember correctly. No, we went to ABEP to play video games, then went to MacDonald's to eat, but found they were redecorating, so we went over to Burger King, where we all got a shake. In fact, the other team was there, too. Then we walked back to ABEP's parking lot, and got in the cars to go to Grand Union in Maynard to see a fellow Bozo, Jamie Geist. He's new this year, and has sort of fallen into our Bozo gang. He wasn't there. (He does work there, so we thought we might find him there.)

We walked around the store, and Benji's stomach hurt. Eventually he went outside and Ralphed. We found him a bit later feeling quite better. But Marie and myself had to ride home with him and his puke breath. Beauty.

Wednesday I was at Marie's, too. On yeah, I went over to go snow machining. We did that in the afternoon, and then when we came back had hot chocolate. Then we ran down to the video store and the grocery store to get movies and some pepperoni and rolls. When we got back we made pepperoni grinders, attempting to simulate ABEP's. They were good, but not a whole lot like ABEP's. Her parents went out that evening, and we watched our videos, among other things.

Thursday I think I stayed home in the afternoon, but then drove to the last B-ball game of the season. Then I drove Marie home, after ABEPing it a bit. I stayed there long enough to play a few games of Atari, and then we watched 20/20 on T.V. They had a show on wrestling. Then I left, at 11:00 Pm.

Last night I had her over here. She got here around 5:00 Pm, and we watched "Strange Brew," the Bob and Doug MacKenzie movie. A while ago I played her their album and she liked it, so I thought she'd like the movie, too. She did. Then we went to my room, and listened to some music, then we made brownies, and did some stuff on the computer. After Mom and Dad went to bed, we went back out to watch some more T.V. I brought her home around 12:00 Am.

There's been somthing that's heen bothering me lately about me and Marie. I'm not sure; I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder. I think it's just that I've been seeing sooooo much of her lately, I'm almost growing tired of her. When we first started to get together, I cherished every last moment, because I thought it might be the last moment. I used to worry about when I'd be able to see her again. But now I know that it's no problem. I can go over to her house every weekend, and stay practically as late as I want. It's almost like the excitement is in the acausition. Now that I know I've got her, it's almost not as exciting.

Don't get the wrong idea. It's not like I don't love her anymore, or wish that we'd break-up, it's just strange. I think it's partly because I've been seeing her so much during the vacation. Once that's over, I think I'll get back to feeling normal again. It's also because I haven't been able to do some things that I've really wanted to get done while I'm on vacation, because she always wanted to see me. I mean, making a new WONG tape, learning my "lines," getting what little homework I had done with, stuff like that. Sure it's nothing big, but when I get a whole week off I like to get some things done that I can't normally get done when I have school.

I got my hair cut on Thursday; it looks good. I also got a mouth guard made this past week by a doctor in my mother's office. Mom says I grind my teeth at night, so she made me have a guard made to protect my teeth.

Mom told me that I needed to start looking for a summer job this vacation. But like everything else, it was hard to get around to doing. Especially this, because I hate doing it so much. I'm planning on doing it this afternoon, but maybe I won't. I tried calling WPNT, but I couldn't get a hold of their program director. I have a strong feeling that I won't be able to get a job at a radio station anyway, and I'll end-up working at some crumby store. Either way, I really have to get a job this summer.

Sunday Marie's parents leave for two weeks, I believe, to Morrocco. Her and her brother are staying alone, but every evening I believe, Cathleen Smith, a girl in my class, is staying with them. It makes me kind of feel strange, having a girl my age "babysit" my girlfriend. Tonight Marie said that I can't come over, because her parents are packing. Sunday they'll be gone, so I wouldn't be surprised if I go over in the afternoon.

Well, my $30 didn't last long. Between Valentine's Day, and getting some photo paper, and eating out a couple of times, and getting some new cassettes for taping the musical soundtrack onto, and replacing my old WONG tape that Aaron lost, I now have about $12 total. By the way, I don't know if I ever let you know what a WONG tape is. You see, Aaron and myself make DJ'ed tapes for each other. We just play tunes from our record collections, and add some commentary, and give the tapes to each other. I also give mine to Benji to listen to. It's sort of fun, which is why I guess we do it.

I got word from two of the other publishers I sent my play to that they received the play, and are going to read it. That's one left that I haven't heard anything from.

Guess that's it. I'm going to try to get some of those things that I've been wanting to get done, done. Once Mom gets back with the car I'll decide if I'll go looking for a job. Guess that's it, so until next time ...