Friday, September 30, 2005

Lake Gravely

Some of my fondest memories of the summer of 1984 and especially '85 took place at Marie's family's camp at Lake Gravely, mentioned for the first time in this, the 41st entry to my 1984 diary.

Wednesday, July 11, 1984
I guess you could say that I went on my first "date" on Monday, although it certainly wasn't a typical one. Me and Julie had been thinking about going to see a movie together for a while, when she suggested that we go after the Bridgton City Band rehearsal. We planned on seeing "Top Secret" at Maynard. Then late Monday afternoon she called and asked to see if Aaron and Benji were going with us. I said they weren't, and in fact I had told Benji that Julie and myself were going so that he'd drive himself to the rehearsal, since I was going to the movies afterwards, and then to bring Julie home. She said that her parents would feel better if more then just her and me were going, so I called Benji back up and a bunch of us finally ended up going. After she called me I was real mad at her for turning my first date into what I thought would be a four person free-for-all. As it turned out, that wasn't the case.

After rehearsal we got ourselves together, Benji, Aaron, Brandy, Ted, Julie and myself. We decided that we'd be too late to go to Maynard, so we decided to go and see "Ghostbusters." Julie and I brought up the rear (no pun intended) when we went into the theater. The rest of the gang sat on one side near the front of the theater, and Julie and I sat across from them on the other side.

Everything was pretty mundane, until she asked me to hold her hand, which I did. It was kind of strange, how she put it so bluntly, but the message got across anyways. After the movies we all went to the Aunt Betty's Everything Pizza, and had a soda and some of us played some video games.

Up until it was time to go home, Benji had been riding in Aaron's car, along with everyone else, except Julie and myself. But now I had to give Julie and Benji a ride home. Before Julie had asked me if I wanted to let Benji drive home, but that would be out of the question. I mean if anything at all happened to the car, things would really be messed-up with Benji driving. So I told her no. When we got in the car, Julie wanted me to bring Benji home first, because she "wanted to see where he lives." Well, I really didn't beleive that, and I probably wasn't supposed to. Anyways, Benji joined in on egging me on to bring him home first. Luckily there was plenty of gas in the car, so with both of them wanting me to bring Benji home first, I did. Then she wanted to see where I lived, and after some persuading I drove her up my hill and past my house. When we got pass the house I was paranoid that my mother had recognized the sound of the car, so I didn't want to go right back past the house, and I didn't want to wait in someone's driveway. So a little distance from my house there's a, well to be totally honest, there's a parking place. I drove the car into it, and stopped the engine. After I had done it I realized what I had done. Then I felt very uncomfortable. We sat there and talked, but I could tell that she was waiting for me to do something. In fact she sounded disappointed because I didn't. Then she asked me since we couldn't really say good-bye in her driveway, would I give her a hug now. Well, before on the 4th when she hugged me she caught me by surprise, and it was over before I knew it. And besides, Benji and Paul were right there. But this time I had time to react to it, and we were alone. Like a fool I hesitated. It wasn't that I didn't want to do it, but just that I didn't know exactly how to go about it. Well, I paused for about 20 seconds, and then I undid the seatbelt, and so did she. I turned to her and did it (so to speak). It wasn't a quick one, but we held it for a little while. I have absolutely no doubt that that hug could have turned into a lot more if I had just let it. As it went however, it ended and we drove off. When we got to her house she gave me another little hug, and then she went inside. Luckily she lives basically on the "main drag" so finding my way home was no problem.

That night when I got home I had a very bad upset stomach. I have little doubt that it was due to nerves. Anyway, I couldn't fall asleep until 3:3O.

The next morning Aaron picked me up at 8:00 Am to go to Hawk Ridge for a hike. I guess his sister (Brandy) works for 4-H, and there was a group of them going, so Aaron, Benji and I were going to go, too. Before we went to Aaron's house we had to stop at Standard Tire, to pick up some parts for Aaron's father. Well, coincidents do happen, and it just so happens that Marie's father owns Standard Tire, and she's there when we stopped. It also so happens that Hawk Ridge is just a ways from Lake Groton, on which Marie's family owns a camp, and where the group was going after climbing the mountain. So Marie came along with us in Aaron's car while Brandy drove the rest of the group in another car.

Usually I don't get car sick, but like I said the night before my stomach was really upset, and I guess kind of carried into the moving, and the bumpy ride didn't do me much good. Anyways, I survived without feeling too bad. First we went to Marie's camp to do something or other, and then we went to the base of the ridge.

It didn't take us probably five minutes to climb it, and then we came right back down. Then we went to the public beach on Lake Gravely, and had a quick lunch while Marie motorboated over to her camp to get her bathing suit. When she came back Benji, Aaron, Marie and myself all rented two canoes. We decided that Benji and Aaron would be in one, and Marie and myself in another. Although Aaron was a bit reluctant, it was decided upon. We made our way to the middle of the lake, and Marie and I took Aaron and Benji on in a little splash fight. I think Marie and myself got the best of them, and then we took-off. Benji and Aaron were trying to catch up to us. After a little while Marie looked back to find that Aaron and Benji had capsized. We turned around and made our way to them. They both were in the water holding onto floating seats, and their shoes were floating around. They also had a cassette playing box with them that I guess had sunk, while Aaron frantically was searching for. Of course the tip was Benji's fault, the lousy land-lubber, because he didn't have that much experience in canoes, and leaned when he paddled.

Well, Marie and myself laughed like we never had laughed before. Here were Benji and Aaron, looking like Laurel and Hardy, clutching onto floating seats, with their shirts and shorts on, floating in the middle of the lake, with a capsized and full of water canoe next to them, as Aaron cursed Benji for the accident.

When Marie and I finally calmed down a bit, we paddled back to her camp, and got the motor boat and went back and got both of them into the boat and towed the canoe back to a different shore and emptied it. Then Aaron and Benji paddled back to the public shore in the canoe, as Marie and I did circles around them in the motor boat. Then Marie and I went back to her camp and got back into the canoe and brought that back to the public shore. All in all, it was a really good time. What made it so funny was the fact that Aaron didn't want to go with Benji in the canoe in the first place; for that matter neither did anyone. So what does Benji do? Well, now you know why Aaron didn't want to get stuck with Benji. It was a lot of fun "working" with Marie to help them out, too. I mean being able to share a canoe with her, and ride in the motor boat with her, and best of all, being able to laugh with her about them.

Later that afternoon Marie brought Benji over to her camp and brought him back in her little sail boat. Then I got on with them, and we took a little sail across the lake. Then we went back, and Benji got off and Aaron got on. For some reason Marie got off as we were getting ready to take-off, and then she gave me and Aaron a push and said good-bye. Well, I didn't really know how to work the sailboat, and neither did Aaron. I wasn't really that worried, and kind of looked forward to the challenge of having to manuever it myself. We were doing fine and were almost near the other side, when she came out in the motor boat, and pulled us back to the public beach. She tried to say that Benji was the one who gave us the push, but I'm really sure that it was her. Still she maintains that she was only Joking, and it was really Benji's fault.

Finally we left about 3:30 Pm, and Marie came with Benji, Aaron and I like when we drove up, except that Marie and I were in the back seat. She asked if I would like to come over again during the actors workshop this summer and I assume Aaron, too. They stay at camp for the entire month of July. I said I would, because I had such a good time yesterday.

On the way home I took a lot of verbal abuse about Julie and myself. On the way up I was foolish enough to tell them that we stopped at that spot on the way home from the movies. Well, on the way home I sparked them off by saying that I didn't get to sleep until 3:30 Am. For the next half of an hour they had their fun by picking on me about it, and making up stories about what really happened. At the beach I had told Benji and Aaron that nothing really happened, and they believed me. They were just having fun, but enough is enough, you know? When I got home I started to think that Marie really might have gotten the wrong idea and tell Julie something false, so I thought I had better call her and set the record straight. I guess she understood that it was just a joke, and she gave me her phone no. at camp. She wanted me to call her before the workshop to remind her; she is going to the actors' workshop this summer.

Well, my fingers are getting pretty tired, but I still have one more area to cover. Like I said, they need four more guys for "South Pacific." Yesterday after I got home from Gravely, at 4:45 Pm, Bill and Larry called me. They are offering me $15 to try-out. Now the money isn't what has effected me, but I'm seriously considering trying out. I have to go tonight if I'm going to. I've never been able to make myself try-out for a musical, but now the situation is different. Now I feel as if I'd be doing them a favor by trying-out. Also, $15 would be nice, assuming Bill and Larry would pay me, which I don't think they actually will. Anyway, right now I'm kind of planning on forgetting about County Band for today, and showing up at Lincoln, if only to see what kind of try-out they want and what parts are up for grabs.

Well, I think five pages is a new record for one entry. It's just that I didn't want to laave any details out about the movies with Julie, and about the trip to Gravely, and the unforgetable Canoe Capsizing Incident. Guess that's it. Probably will write again soon, especially if I try-out tonight. Chow.

Dad's long commute

Ever since I was in the 5th grade or so, my father has worked out of state. While most fathers would have moved their family along with them upon landing an out-of-state job, mine never did. As far as I know, it was never discussed. Why, I really don't know.

A family life where Mom and Dad are still married, but Dad spends five out of seven days a week living in a motel in another state, has almost always been the norm for me, which is probably why I never thought to mention it until now. I finally realized after posting this, the 40th entry to my 1984 diary, that all these mentions of my father "coming home" might have been confusing.

Dad tried to retire last year, after doing this out of state commute thing for about 27 years. He spent the better part of a year off, before he ended up taking another job — also out of state.

Maybe Mom and Dad are on to something. They might only see each other five days out of seven, but, unlike many parents, mine are still married. Food for thought.

Saturday, July 7, 1984
Well, Dad never did come home for the 4th, but is home now. Nana left on Thursday. Wednesday's County Band concert was cancelled due to rain. Benji called me later that evening to see if I wanted to go to the Elk's Club in Maynard to see the fireworks. Aaron was unreachable, since he had gone to the movies with Ted and Judy, two band members from Lincoln. Still, Paul wanted to go, so we went. I had talked with Julie that evening too, and I knew she would be there, but didn't really think that I'd meet her. However, just as soon as we got there I met up with her, and her Benji, Paul and I all walked around together, until she had to go back to her car for the fireworks. Before she left for her car she gave Paul and Benji both a handshake, and then she caught me off-guard by giving me a hug.

On Thursday Bill called me after talking with Aaron. It seemed that Bam said that there were no bari-sax parts for "South Pacific," but didn't say about trombone parts. Aaron and Bill were both going to try-out for the cast, and I decided to go and see if they needed me for the pit. As it turns out I guess I'll be playing in it, since Ted and I were the only trombones. Only a few people tried out for the cast, including only about four boys; there are about 10 male parts. I wish I could make myself try-out for musicials. Now Bam has told the people who tried-out that they need to find four more guys. I don't know what kinds of parts they are, major or minor, or if they sing or dance, or if Bam wants a full try-out from the applicants. I really doubt that I'll get one of the parts, since this whole situation looks familiar. I guess Aaron, Benji and I are planning to go back to Lincoln on Monday for "Bridgton City Band". Hopefully, Bam will tell me when we're going to start rehearsing for the pit.

Last night we went to see "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom." Benji drove, and before we went to the movies we went to Lincoln to meet Aaron and Bill, since try-outs lasted two nights. Larry also auditioned, which really surprised me. They're all guaranteed parts since they still need more guys. I really wish I could have gotten into the cast. Anyway, the movie was pretty good, but Benji locked himself out of the truck, so after the movie he had to call the police. It didn't take them long to get there, and then they had to call for another car, since the one that came didn't have its lock-jimmy with it. After Benji got back into the truck we went to the Aunt Betty's Everything Pizza and had a pizza, then we went home. We had to go to the late showing of the movie, since auditions were going on. Usually we go to the early.

Going to go to Gram's tomorrow to mow; it's raining today. Today I have to finish staining those wall boards. It seems that I forgot to do a little side on each and everyone of those damn things. Now the ceiling in the room is covered with the boards, so I have to do them also. Great fun, eh? The Sky Tiger is pretty close to finished. It's now at the point of installing the radio, and then it's finished.

Well, guess that's it for now at least. Probably will write after Monday, with Bridgton City Band and all. By then I'll also know which parts have been filled, and which onces are still open. Until then ...

Saturday, September 24, 2005

So long Jeff

It bothered me when Jeff Mason left Jefferson High, as I explain in this, the 39th entry to my 1984 diary.

Over the years, every now and then, I'll Google his name and see if I can find what he's up to — even though I haven't seen him or spoken to him in more than 20 years. If I've found the same Jeff Mason, he's quite possibly still working in education in another New England state. And the plays he wrote — I performed in one of them during my years at Jefferson, before it was published — are still in print.

Tuesday, July 3, 1984
Last night Aaron, Benji and I went to Lincoln to play in what seems to be Bridgton's answer to Carolle County Band. It was just a rehearsal; the first concert is in a couple of weeks. A while ago Aaron saw that Lincoln's music director was organizing a summer youth theater, and is planning to stage "South Pacific" this summer. The ad in the paper said pit musicians were needed, too. As it turns out the orchestra is all strings. But Bam (the music director) told Aaron about the thing at Lincoln yesterday, so we went. I assumed that Julie would probably be playing in it, and she called me that afternoon and I found out that she was. It was pretty fun, since I already knew the trombonists from Bridgton, since they've played in County Band before, and also because I saw Julie. You know I think Julie has a thing about dark halls and the like. Yesterday, during our break, she brought me to show me her locker, and we spent half of our time in the dark. Coincidence?

It really got me mad that the orchestra for "South Pacific" was all strings, because it sounded pretty fun, playing in the pit with Aaron and the guys from Lincoln. After the rehearsal, Aaron, Benji and I went to Timothy's and had a pizza.

After that we walked over "The Bridge" and into the Ames parking lot, and then we went into P & C. After that we went on the rides outside Ames. I guess that's what maturity is all about, eh? Then we walked back to the cars, and departed. All in all, it was a pretty fun evening.

Well, like I said before my grandmother is now here, and my mother is on vacation. I guess we're not sure if Dad is coming home tonight for the 4th or not. He might work through it, since it would be a pain to drive all the way home and all the way back just for one day.

The Sky Tiger is coming right along. Now the entire thing is covered, and I'm putting on the canopy. After that I have to mount the tail assembly and put on the gear and install the radio, engine, and fuel tank. Today I ordered an aileron extension cord. It's just a small item, in fact it's just a small wire, but it's necessary and is going to cost me about $6.00. I had to order it from Circus Hobbies, where I ordered the radio from. That's because I'm sure that no local store will carry such a specific part, especially for a brand of radio like Circus.

Like I said, Julie called me yesterday, but I couldn't talk for long since I had to go and pick up my sister at work. Then I saw her last night, and I called her again today, but she couldn't talk because she was having a party.

On the same note, since last week I've kind of been trying to put Marie out of my mind. But I talked with Aaron this afternoon, and he told me I ought to call her up and bug her about going to the County Band concert tomorrow. Now I've started thinking about her again, and might call her this evening. Just a little something totally off from the subject, about the time "Hocus Pocus" started, I stopped biting my fingernails. For some reason, I didn't mention it when I made the decision, and I didn't want to totally neglect to mention it in this journal. I don't really know what persuaded me to do it, but I remember about the beginning of rehearsals, or there abouts, I made the decision to stop doing it and I've stuck to it. Now I don't have the desire to bite then, so I think it's permanent. Another little fact that I failed to mention. Near the end of the school year, Jeff Mason, my home room teacher, left our school. Ever since the "Juvey" ordeal, I noticed a change in his attitude. He seemed bitter and miserable. I guess he just got fed up with the school and needed a change. Even before the school year was out, he left and went to California with his wife and child (maybe children). I don't know if he is staying there to live, or if he was just checking out the job opportunities.

It seemed real strange when I heard that he was leaving. Here was a person that I'd known since 7th grade. He had given me my "big break" in Jefferson theater, when he gave my the part in "You Can't Take It With You," while I was in 7th grade. Then I had him as a teacher in 8th grade, and was in "Once in a Lifetime" along with him. Then in 9th grade I moved into his home room, after his request, and he was the one who persuaded me to try-out for the play in that year, "Arsenic and Old Lace," which happens to be my favorite play that I've ever put on at Jefferson, or anywhere for that matter.

But this past school year Jeff had been pretty busy with his two bars that he owns, or maybe now, used to own. He never came into home room in the morning, and Sam Bevins kind of looked after us every morning. For most of this year I lost track of Jeff pretty much, and then he left and I never even said good-bye to him. It's so strange, because when Jeff picked the new members for his home room in the end of my 8th grade year, he wanted us to be so much like a family. Every day he would sit down and joke around with us in the morning. Then he bought the bars, and soon after he hardly ever saw him, and now he's gone. It'll seem strange to complete my senior year and graduate without Jeff there. By the way, Sam's home room was all seniors this year, so now he doesn't have anyone. So he told us that he'll adopt all of us for next year, since he was practically our home room teacher this past year, too. That's another thing. Usually we've always held our home room backstage, near Sam's and Jeff's office backstage. Now since Jeff's gone, Sam's moving out of the backstage office and back into English. That's going to be another big change, not having the aud as our "home".

Guess I've rambled on enough. Until next time ...

The Unknown Truants

Next month my high school graduating class will mark its 20th anniversary. The women putting together our reunion sent around a survey a while ago, asking classmates a variety of questions, the answers to go into a publication they'll distribute at the reunion. One of the questions was along the lines of, "What's your fondest memory of your high school years?" or somesuch.

I probably have a couple memories that compete for that distinction. But the one I chose to share with the rest of the Class of '85 was the one involving the paper bags, detailed in this, the 38th entry to my 1984 diary. I honestly don't think I've laughed harder in my life.

Saturday, June 30, 1984
Up until the last moment, it looked as if we had convinced Marie to come to County Band again. Then she called me to call Aaron to tell him that she was busy working on her new compater, and that she wasn't coming. I told her that we'd still come and get her afterwards to watch the movies. Some of Aaron's, as well as Julie's coincidently, friends came along for the movies, since they played in County Band, too. After the movies, Aaron's friends left, and after hanging around a while, we brought Marie home. Later that night we were on our way out the door to go to Marie's on foot (don't we ever learn?) when Aaron's mother stopped us, and wouldn't let us go anywhere. That kind of spoiled our fun for the evening. Anyway, we stayed awake until about 2:30 Am, and got up at about 7:45 Am: We got the filming done in the morning, and then went over to Marie's, one of our new favorite pastimes. We bozoed around, while Marie showed us her computer and tried to get us to go swimming. Then Aaron remembered that he was supposed to get lunch for his mother, and he hadn't told her that we were planning on stopping by Marie's before he brought Benji and I home. So we then left as fast as we came, and Marie seemed pretty pissed at us. Anyway the filming went OK, execpt for the heat and the bugs. The night before, we also took some pictures of ourselves, using some idea made-up by Aaron. It's too complex to really explain here, but I'm quite anxious to see the results.

After getting home from Aaron's I mowed the lawn, and yesterday I did some small things for Mrs. Davis; her grandson is going to mow this week, at least.

Well, I'm not really looking forward to next week. To begin with, Mom is on vacation for the entire week. Also, Nana is coming up for a record breaking four days (will homelife ever be the same?), and lastly Dad is coming home in the middle of the week for one day for the 4th of July. All in all, it sounds like living Hell.

I was sort of planning on having Bill, Aaron and Benji over on Monday to watch a movie and then film a movie the next day. But with Nana, and Mom here, that plan is ruined royally. So that eliminates this week. Next week, Anne is having her roommate over for the week. So that probably eliminates that week. So it looks as if the earliest time possible to film this movie is going to be the week of July l6th, quite a while from now.

This Tuesday I returned to the dermotologist. She cut down my dosage of tetracycline, and made me an appointment in another three months. I guess I should mention that the problem has really cleared up quite a bit. I told you (whoever "you" might be) that it was bad enough that I didn't want to even wear a short sleeeved shirt. Well, I started to at the beginning of the summer and even the end of school. The antibiotic has really taken care of the acne on my arms, and with the good tan I've now got on then the "scars" aren't really visible. My back has also really cleared up. There are no real pimples, just the spots where there used be to then. So now short sleeves are no problem, and now I'm working on getting my back presentable so I can go swimming. Probably a little bit of a tan would do the trick fine, so each day I try to sit out in the sun for at least a 1/2 of an hour on my back and also on my chest. So far I've got a little tan, but the marks are still quite noticable.

I've been thinking about an experience which I forgot to write about. It happened on the second day of exams if I remember correctly, which would be the l2th. Aaron, Bill, Benji and I didn't have an exam for the first exam period in the morning. Since Aaron had the car and the bands are about an hour and a half, we wanted to take off somewhere. Well, this was nothing new to us, even though it's against the rules. In fact, we had done the same thing the day before. But this time Aaron had heard that some member of the administration was watching the drive and taking licence plates and names of cars and passengers that were leaving. So we decided to make a mockary of the system.

We went up to Aaron's home room area and got some grocery bags, drew funny faces on them and cut eye holes. We then walked out to his car, and applied notebook paper to both of his licence ppates. We got in the car, bagged our heads, and as a final act of defiance, we drove around the front of the school, hoping some teacher or the alike would see us. Well, as it turned out I don't think any teacher saw us, but a lot of students did. As it was happening, I was laughing probably the hardest I ever had. When we got a ways from the school, we removed the disguises, and proceeded downtown. When we came back, we did the same thing, driving around the front of the school. I don't know how I could have forgotten to write about that, but somehow I did. Anyway, I think the account above is pretty detailed, although it happened a couple of weeks ago.

Well, I finally got that other roll of covering I've been needing to finish my new airplane, the Sky Tiger. That unfinished model has sort of been a monkey on my back, because in the middle of the winter I ran out of covering, and sort of forgot about it until now. But now I've just got to put the ailerons onto the wing to finish it, and then finish the rest of the plane. So now I feel better to that I'm going to finish it soon. Last night I went up to the field to try to get my old plane off the ground. I've gone up there about five times, and haven't been able to get it airborne. Well, last night I did, and it felt mighty good to see that it still flys and I haven't forgotten how to fly. Once again the gear broke when I landed, but I fixed it to get three flights in. I feel much better to know that it still flies.

Sometime along I called Julie this week. Then later this week she called me. It used to be that she called me nearly ever day or every other day. Now she hardly does at all. For some reason I don't feel bad. It's just that I really hate the whole situation, because I never get to see her, and because she's Marie's cousin, and we've already discussed how I feel about her.

Guess that's it for now. I'll write again when I feel the urge, or next weekend at the latest. Until then ...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Lights! Camera! Stupidity!

For a few years during middle school and high school, me, Aaron, Benji and occasionally Bill would shoot short silly movies onto Super 8 film. "Raiders of the Lost Bark," mentioned in this, the 37th entry to my 1984 diary, was the last script I wrote, though we never ended up shooting it.

Any of you young people who have enjoyed shooting digital video and editing it on your computer today have no idea what making a short film used to be like. Equipment was expensive (OK, so are digital cameras and computers) and so was film stock and processing — at least for school-aged kids.

Trekking into the woods to shoot a roll or two of film — a cartridge of Super 8 ran four minutes — you'd have to wait days for processing until you could see the results. Editing was a paper clips and bubble gum process using a sharp blade and splicing tape. And watching or showing what you'd shot involved dragging a 20-pound projector from the basement, setting up the screen and drawing the curtains.

Maybe that's why I'll never take for granted digital technology — including high-speed conduits that, had they been invented in the '80s, would have allowed me to distribute our films not only to friends and family across the Net or on DVD, but to anyone in the world.

About a decade ago, I rescued from the clutches of Aaron an ammo box containing all the films we made. He'd managed to lose one or two, and I suspect the entire lot would eventually go AWOL, if I didn't do something. I had the surviving films transferred to videotape, and now wait for the time I'll be motivated to digitize them.

Monday, June 25, 1984
Didn't do too much today, but I thought I'd write a bit anyway. This morning I gave Marie a call. I never call her without a reason, so this time my reason was to tell her about the filming. She said that she didn't want to go to County Band, but I think she will anyway. Although I called to tell her about the movie, we talked for about 1 1/2 hours. She said that she wasn't going to do the summer drama workshop, which upset me a little. I was really looking forward to seeing her for those two weeks. But somehow I think she wasn't telling the truth. She said for the month of July they stay at camp at Gaines. Then she said that if I would come over to their camp with Aaron for one day, that she would do the workshop. I think that she will anyways, but I told her that I'd try to come over to her camp, too.

She also told me that she won't be doing the fall play next year, because she'll be going to work at Disney Land and then go on a sea cruse. Well, if Marie is lying, she surely outdid herself this time! Usually she plays field hockey, but I've been trying to talk her out of that for next year, but with all of these other things, it doesn't look too promising.

After talking with Marie, I stained five more boards for the new room my parents are having built. There are probably 50 or so of them, and I've been doing five each day.

After that I took a walk up on the Norton trails to scout the location for "Raiders of the Lost Bark." Last night and later this afternoon I finished making the credits for that movie, too. Now all I have to do is set a date, I guess.

Julie still hasn't called. Maybe I'll try tonight. Guess that's it for now. So as the road beyond unfolds ...

Four more years for Reagan

Every now and then I'll come across something so '80s in this diary that I almost have to laugh. This, my 36th entry, contains just such an element. You'll have to trust me when I say I really never was a Reagan supporter. But if a Reagan convention was my ticket for a ride to Dawson, I was gonna take it.

Sunday, June 24, 1984
Just got off the phone with Bill. He didn't have anything important to say; we just shot the bull.

Yesterday I went along with Benji and his parents to a Reagan convention in Dawson. Aaron went, too. However, the three of us didn't stay at the convention, but walked over to the Uptown Mall. We went to the arcade and basically just Bozoed around throughout the afternoon. I had planned to mow Gram's lawn that afternoon, but Benji called so I did the mowing today.

The filming of the movie at Aaron's has been changed to Wednesday, after the County Band concert. For some reason Aaron doesn't like Bill too much these days, and isn't going to have him do the movie with us. That kind of puts me in an awkward position, since eventually Bill will probably find out, and I'll be stuck in the middle of Aaron and Bill.

I tried to call Marie yesterday, to tell her about the movie. I think we'll probably do the filming on Thursday, but after the concert we were going to show Marie all of our other movies. I called, but she wasn't there. I might try again this evening.

Julie hasn't called for some time now. The last time I talked with her was when I saw her last Tuesday at the Stage Band concert. She said that night that she was going to wait for me to call her, maybe she's still waiting. I tried to call her yesterday, too, but there was no answer. Might try tonight.

I guess I don't have anything too exciting this entry. I'll probably write again after we film the movie, or sometime along then. Later.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Poolside, Episode 2

Time alone with Marie was hard to come by when I was first getting to know her. Most of the time I spent with her, Aaron, Benji and other friends of mine were often with us.

The afternoon I write about in this, the 35th entry to my 1984 diary, was probably the first time I ever spent with her one-on-one. If I had the opportunity to travel back in time and relive any single experience, this afternoon would certainly make the short-list.

Thursday, June 21, 1984
Well, I finally got the courage to call Marie on Tuesday morning. I expected her to chew me out, and then probably hang-up. What I got was exactly the opposite. She seemed real happy to have heard from me, so I didn't bother to tell her that Julie said she was mad. She said she didn't know if she was going to come to County Band on Wednesday, so I offered to bring her pants back to her that afternoon. She said she'd be home by 3:00 Pm. First I went to Bridgton to bring Dad's boots to be repaired, then I went to her house.

When I got there she wasn't there yet, but after about three minutes of waiting, she was. I had brought along some pictures from the play, and we looked at those and talked for a while. Then she asked me to go swimming, and I had a strange feeling of deja vu. I told her that I couldn't, but it wasn't as hard as telling Julie. Anyway, we went out to the pool and floated around on inner tubes and talked.

Just the night before, Bill and I talked on the phone for about 2 1/2 hours. We talked about, among other things, Marie and her nasty habit of trying to seduce people, or so it seems. I had expected, and greedily anticipated, for her to come-on to me while I was there. Well, she flirted around I little bit, but nothing serious. Neither of us had bathing suits on, but she went into the water anyway. She had tight shorts and a white top on. Need I say more? Well, I don't want you to get the wrong idea or anything, but I think she did it for a reason.

Anyway, we probably floated around for about 45 minutes, splashing each other and her trying to guess why I couldn't go swimming. I think after a while that she caught on. I let her wear my "shades" and I think we both had a pretty good time. Not much physical contact, except when she put her arms around me and pressed herself against me to get me wet. It did more than that.

Well, I had kind of forgot to tell my mother that I was going to Marie's after Bridgton, and I might have had to pick her up from work at 5:00 Pm. So finally I had to leave, even though I really didn't want to. Before I left I jumped into the water (with my shirt on). Marie gave me a couple of towels to cover the car seat with, and I was on my way. I guess I should mention that her mother wasn't there most of the time I was there, and neither was her father.

Yesterday I went to County Band. I left my shades with Marie on Tuesday and she said that she'd return them if she went to County Band. I was trying to persuade her to come, and so was Aaron. She did show up and played, and I got my glasses back and her towels were returned to her.

When we got back from County Band, I felt really bad. It's really hard to explain the feelings I was feeling, so please bare with me. First let's take care of the basics; it's Marie. Okay, now let's get more specific; I think I've got something for her. This is really hard to explain. I don't think I'd call it a crush, and I really don't think I'd call it love, but it's somewhere inbetween both of those. I really like being with her, and having her give me all of the attention she does. But the thing that really bothers me is the fact that she does that with every boy. It's not just me. And whenever I see her flirting with other guys, and I can't be with her, I get really angery and frustrated. Like yesterday, Aaron and Brandy (his sister) gave Marie a ride. After the concert I think they were going to go to the arcade/ice cream stand. Usually we go, too, but for some reason my mother didn't want to, so this time we didn't.

I know that I probably have one up on most other boys; Bill did tell me quite a long time ago that Marie had wanted to go with me. So I do feel that she probably feels a little more for me than for others. Well, I don't think I've really expressed my feelings for her, and I don't think I really can, so I'll stop trying.

Aaron has written a script for a movie that he wants to do next Tuesday. Marie knows about it, and I'm hoping that Aaron will ask her to come along and help us with it. I think either way we're going to have a real good time, having that feeling that summer's just begun and everything. Actually, I've been quite busy even though school's out.

I've written a script that I hope to do in the next two weeks or so. It's called "Raiders of the Lost Bark," and is a spoof of "Raiders of the Lost Ark." I would like to have Marie over when we do it, but there are no parts suitable for her, and I would really feel awkward asking my mother if I can have Marie and three guys over. I'm sure her parents would feel strange, too. By the way, her mother is real nice, and has taken everything in stride, including the pool incident. Her father, I hear, isn't so friendly. I've never met him, but have seen him.

Wednesday I worked two hours at Mrs. Davis's, weeding, etc. Today I did her lawn: 3 1/2 HOURS! I get good pay ($4.00 p/hr) but I really don't enjoy the work. I think the mowing I can handle; it's just once a week. But if she expects me to go up there often and do garden work I think I'll be miserable. She said her grandsons were coming for the summer, and would be staying until the end of August. They might do the lawn during that time. She wants me to call her in a week.

Tuesday Julie called to say she was sorry for getting mad at me over the phone, when we were talking about Marie and the pool incident. That made me feel a lot better, since I felt that she was pretty upset with me, although I didn't really know why. Tuesday around 6:00 Pm or so, Benji called and said that Aaron had wanted to know if we wanted to go see the Lincoln Stage Band give a benefit concert outside. I said I'd like to, and we met there. I had guessed that Julie would probably be there, and I was right. She came over and sat with me during the concert. We just watched the concert and talked a bit, and when it was over she had to leave. Nothing much, but it was nice to see her again after nearly a month.

Now that I've started to work for Mrs. Davis, and my parents have started to pay me, I've been living a bit more comfortablly. I think soon I'll ask Julie to the movies, but right now she's grounded because of a bad final grade in French. I said that I was pretty busy. Now I've got Gram's lawn, and some small painting at her house, our lawn, and Mrs. Davis's lawn. Benji's friend at the airport is supposed to call me, but I'm kind of hoping he doesn't.

I think I've said just about all there is to say. Right now I think I'll develop some prints from some old negatives, something I haven't done for a while. Tomorrow I've got to do our lawn, and hopefully will go flying tomorrow evening. It seems like I've been waiting two weeks to go flying, but the weather and my schedule just don't cooperate. Chow.

Marie gets bent outta shape

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

1984: I waited until a girl I was interested in who came to visit on a band exchange trip had returned to her home state before declaring my interest in her via the USPS.

2005: I emailed a girl I'd met at a friend's wedding to let her know I enjoyed meeting her, and wished we'd been able to spend more time together while she was in town.

You might think in 20 years I'd learn to strike while the iron was hot.

Monday, June 18, 1984
Well, I'd have to say that my attitude about Friday night has changed some from yesterday. When Julie called me back up, she sounded upset. She said that Marie was really mad about the whole incident, and was fed up with everything. At first I thought that it was just another one of Marie's false rages, when she pretends that she's furious with us just to get some attention. But according to Julie, she's really mad. I was going to call Marie today to see if she wanted me to bring her pants to her, but after what Julie told me yesterday, I didn't have the guts to. Maybe tomorrow I will, or even tonight. So now it seems that Marie is really mad at me, and doesn't want Julie to talk with me anymore, and that Julie is also slightly mad at me, for some reason. Hopefully things will clear up after I get to talk with Marie.

Well, I said that I'd return to Mrs. Davis's today, and I almost forgot. I think I'll go now. Until next time ...

By-the-way, enclosed is a program from the concert at Lincoln at which I met Julie, and also a letter I wrote to a girl I met from the exchange concert. Now really, until next time ...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Poolside, Episode 1

After reading through many pages, including this, the 33rd entry to my 1984 diary, I'm amazed at the number of things that have faded or entirely evaporated from my memory in the past 20 years.

The pool incident I mention here is different. "I think I'll remember it for a long time to come," I wrote way back then.

I was right.

Sunday, June 17, 1984
Well, I think that this entry will probably center around one event that took place this week. It took place on Friday, to be exact, and I think I'll remember it for a long time to come.

It all started at graduation. I guess Mr. B had invited the eighth graders that will be in band next year, to play at graduation. Therefore, Marie was there. After graduation was over, I did what I had been wanting to do for some time: spray Marie in the face with water. After that she dragged me around the crowd of people outside by my tie, and then proceeded to tie several knots in my tie behind my neck. After Aaron got me loose, we headed toward the school to find Marie and seek revenge. We saw her in the hall, and ran to meet her at a door. She took off down a hall, and into the girls' bathroom. We waited, and when she came out, Benji grabbed her, while I pulled back her head and nearly emptied my water bottle on her face.

Well, we thought that this water fight was done until next year, or at least until the summer drama workshop. Aaron, Paul, Bill, Benji and I decided to go to an arcade instead of going home. After a while there, we decided to go to Aaron's and help set-off fireworks. After that, at about 10:00 Pm or so, we decided to walk over the Marie's, and "raid" her house. Paul and Bill decided to drive, while the rest of us really wanted to walk. Naturally Paul and Bill arrived there first. We didn't suspect that they had allied with Marie, but when we got there, after 25 minutes of walking, we found the door slightly ajar. We walked up to it, and rang the door bell. Marie came to the door and started to spray us with a water bottle, and then Bill, Paul and Marie chased us into the road. I didn't get it hardly at all but Aaron got real wet. After a slight pause, Marie came back with another water bottle. She chased me into the back yard. Then Bill came up with the wonderful idea of putting me in the pool. Paul and Bill picked me up and brought me to the poolside. I convinced them to remove my shoes and wallet, which they did. Then Marie took my arms and Bill my legs. The pool had a cover over it, so they couldn't really toss me in. But the steps decending into the pool weren't covered. Marie and Bill lowered me into the pool. Well, most of me got submersed, except for my upper chest. However, while Marie was so gently putting me in, Benji pushed Marie. So there we/were, Marie and myself in her pool with our clothes on. A little bit after that Paul and Bill left to go to the senior party. So Marie brought us in, and gave me one of her pairs of jeans to put on. So I changed in the bathroom, and after she also changed out of her wet clothes.

So, now I was wearing a pair of Marie's jeans, and a pair of her field hockey socks, and was putting my wet pants into a bag. We were just about to leave (Marie was going to come with us, for some strange reason) when Aaron poked his head out of the door, closed it and turned to us to say, "Your parents are home!" EXTREME PANIC!! Here were three junior, technically senior, boys standing in the home of an eighth grade, technically freshman, girl's house, one of them wearing a pair of the girl's pants and socks, and now the girl's parents have just pulled into the driveway. I repeat: EXTREME PANIC!! We made our way, and quite quickly I might add, to the back door, and we went into the back yard. Then we waited, not knowing how to get out, without her parents seeing us. Well, eventually Marie led us out to the road, and then we stood there talking for a while. Then Aaron, Benji and I went along and Marie went back home, since her mother was calling her. Then a bit later Marie came running back down the road, and told us that her mother knew that three boys were outside the house, and had invited us to come inside. Since we thought she might expect something if we didn't accept, we did. Also, because I really didn't want to go back to Aaron's and wanted to spend some more time with Marie.

Anyways, when we got inside, we had some hot chocolate. Marie's mother seemed really easy going, and seemed to think the whole situation was pretty amusing. We stayed about a half of an hour. After that her mother offered to bring us back to Aaron's house, so we accepted.

So, that brings us to just about now. I still have Marie's jeans and socks. While this whole situation was unfolding, I couldn't believe it was happening. Just on our way over to Marie's we had said how funny it would be if something like this happened. I mean, one of us with his pants down, and her parents come home. Well, believe it or not, we came pretty close. I still wouldn't be surprised if I came down with a cold. It was fairly cold that night, I'd guess 60 degrees or so, but the pool water was heated to about 85. The problem came when I got out of the pool. All in all, that night was one of the funnest times I've ever had, I mean, while it was happening I was complaining about it, but inside I was having a good time. I'm still sort of looking forward to giving Marie her jeans back, and then bringing this whole story back up again.

Yesterday Benji and I went over to Paul's house and watched some video movies on his VCR. Before we met at Happy's and picked out the movies: "Risky Business" and "Private Lessons." Aaron couldn't make it until the last bit of the last movie. After that we went to the arcade again, and then home; Benji drove.

Before I started writing this entry, Julie called me. It seems that Marie had exaggerated about the ride I gave her home the night after the play. I can't get any specifics from Julie, but it seems she really exaggerated. So I told Julie the whole "caught with my pants down" story, and right now Julie's talking with Marie, pretending that she doesn't know what really happened with the pool incident. We're hoping that Marie will tell Julie another one of her half truths, and prove that she was exaggerating, or lying, about the ride home. Julie said she'd call me after she gets off the phone with Marie.

Dad didn't come home Friday night, but came home Saturday night. Today I'm going to have to move some scrap wood, and might wash the car. We've got a whole bunch of inside wall boards that I'm going to have to stain, too. I think I've got to get them done by Wednesday. Tomorrow I'm going to check with Mrs. Davis again and see if she needs her lawn mowed. Also, the person Benji works with is supposed to call me sometime. Hopefully my parents will start to pay me this week.

Well, I guess I've spent enough time behind this typewriter this morning. I just didn't want to leave out any detail about the pool incident, and I don't think I have. I'll write again, next weekend at the latest.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Carolle County Band

Carolle County band, mentioned in this, the 32nd entry to my 1984 diary, was a summertime tradition for me and my friends during our adolescent years. A community band that performed on the village green every Wednesday night, they actually paid players per performance — taking attendance before each show and mailing players checks at the end of the summer.

If you went to each and every concert, you were likely to receive a check for about $15 at the end of the summer — not bad bread for a high school kid who had trouble putting together enough money to go see a movie, back when a movie was about $3.50.

Thursday, June 14, 1984
Well, school's out for the summer. It seems strange that it is, in fact it doesn't seem like it's true. Finals went OK. The only one I know the grade of is my Chemistry; it's a 98. I'm sure that all the others went OK, too. One strange thing about these finals is that it seems like I didn't study as hard as I usually do. Most of the studying came the night before, when usually most of it is done quite a bit earlier.

Bill called me this morning twice. The first time was to tell me that him, and Benji were called down to the police station this morning. It seems that they had been making prank phone calls to a cemetary's answering service. I had been with Bill when he did it once at school from the backstage phone. Paul and Tara also have done it, but the police couldn't get a hold of them. I was pretty surprised to hear about it. I guess Bill and Benji aren't in any trouble. They got their names because they left each other's names with the service. In fact Benji never did anything: Bill had left Benji's name on the taping as a joke. I guess that it's Tara who really made some obscene comments, and will probably get in trouble.

The second time he called me was to tell me that a senior who we know ran away to join his sister's cult in Georgia. He was never our friend, and we really thought that he was extremely strange. Good-night Tiny Tim, wherever you are.

Yesterday I went up to Mrs. Davis's to see if she needs her lawn mowed. She said she was hiring someone now, but I guess that it's just temporary. After she checks to see if her son wants to do it, see wants me to come back. At the beginning of next week I'm going to go back. It looks pretty promising to me, assuming that the person that's doing it now isn't permanent, and that her son would rather hire someone than do it himself.

A person that Benji works with at the airport wants someone to do his lawn. Benji gave him my name and phone #, and he said he was going to call me at the beginning of next week. Hopefully my parents will start to pay me my weekly allowance. I have to pay for the rest of the $40 for the drama workshop, as well as buying another roll of covering for my plane, and some spending money would be nice, too. Especially now that I'd like to start to take Julie out, it would be nice to have some money. For instance, tonight Aaron/Bill and Benji are going to a movie, but I'm not because I feel that I can't afford it, since I hope to go next weekend, with Julie.

Last Sunday, after Baccleureate, I found a note that said a girl had called. I assumed it was Julie, and called her back; I was right. She wanted to ask me if I wanted to come over the next day to her pool party for her band. For quite a while now I haven't gone swimming, although I love it. My back has been broken out bad enough, that I'm much too self-conscious to be able to take my shirt off, so going over the Julie's to swim was totally out of the question. Well, she had really put me on the spot. I knew that if I made something up, that she would think that I just didn't want to come. So, I told her the truth. It was, by far, the most difficult thing I've had to tell anyone. This whole problem has been my deepest darkest secret, and of all people I didn't want to know, it was Julie. Anyway, I told her about it, and she seemed to take it pretty well.

After that conversation I started to become pretty paraniod. I began to think that she wouldn't call me again. Usually she calls me about every day, or every other day. Well, after that she didin't call me for three days. On the third I called her, and she didn't seem very talkative, and it seemed like she wished that she wasn't talking with me. After that I felt pretty bad, assuming that my paranoia had come true. But afterwards I got a call from her that evening. She just called to tell me that the reason she wasn't too talkative before was because her mother and sister were in the room with her, and she didn't feel relaxed. We only talked for about 5 minutes, but after that I felt quite a bit better.

Last night was the first Carolle County Band rehearsal. I got a ride with Benji and his brother Danny. It was OK; next week is our first concert.

Got both my reprint of Aaron's slide of the "Hocus Pocus" cast and my roll of "ancient" film back. The enlargement is nice, except that I have a great big smile on my face, and it's hard to appreciate the character make-up, which was done by Bill. Aaron has another cast photo taken at the same time, and I don't think I've got the same expression on my face. Maybe I'll get ahold of that one. The roll of film is OK, too. I have eight photos of the play on it. All of them were taken downstairs in the dressing room. Dad took a couple from the audience that I'm real eager to see. Usually my parents come down into the dressing room on the last night, before the play, and take photos. So usually I always have some good pictures of myself in make-up. But this year I took them downsatirs, so they're aren't any good ones of myself. Maybe the ones from the audience are good. I really loved the way I look for this play, and it makes me sad to think that I won't be able to remember what I look like.

I've got some more things floating around in my head right nuw, but I don't feel like writing anymore (the end of school and all, don't ya' know!). I'll probably write again this weekend, or so. Until then ...

Appendix 47a

I'm not going to bother scanning in the scrap of paper I mention in this, the 31st entry to my 1984 diary. What would possess me to bother saving it is hard to understand 20 years later.

Actually, I saved loads of odd scraps as part of my diary — and time has turned them all strangely significant ... not to mention yellowed.

Tuesday, June 12, 1984
Just a quick note. I've only got one more final to go, and today I've started to clean-out my notebook. Way back, probably at the beginning of January, I was doodling on my assignment sheet for Chemistry. This was at the time that I was freaked-out over Krissi. For some reason, I vowed to myself that I would keep that sheet of paper in my notebook until the end of the school year. Well, I've grown so used to it, that it feels strange just throwing it away, so I've decided to make it a part of this diary. Just wanted to enclose it before I forgot to, so I'll write again on the weekend. Chow ...