Saturday, July 30, 2005

Modern medicine

The doctor who removed my toenail was real old school — kind of a crusty, no-nonsense guy who didn't seem at all tickled when I reminded him — with a little sense of awe, I suspect — that he had delivered me 17 years prior. He simply examined my infected toe, announced that it was a structural problem involving the way the nail was growing, and set about tearing the whole nail off. That's modern medicine for you.

As for setting "Hocus Pocus" in the 1800s, that reference in this, the 22nd entry to my 1984 diary, is a prime example of the type of thing that, without a diary to refer back to, I never would have remembered 20 years later.

Saturday, April 14, 1984
Back again. This past week has kind of been full. Went to Latin Day at the university on Thursday. As it turned out, that thing that I was dreading, wasn't all that bad. I didn't like to have to miss all of my classes, but we had a fairly good time. In fact, to the surprise of everbody, we took first prize for the best skit from a small school. Each school that went had to perform a skit, and a winner, second place and third place was choosen for a large school and a small school. We also won the blue ribbon in the probatio, which was a contest in which a delegation from each school had to answer questions dealing with Latin.

Rehearsals have been going as usual; not much seems to get accomplished. As of now, we have two weeks of rehearsal time left. Some people still don't have their lines memorized, blocking is very poor, and I've only seen a few tricks performed, and a majority of those tricks seen are mine. We had a major change inflicted upon us during this week. We decided to change the time period into the 1800s and make this a melodrama. The director seemed to relize that it just wasn't working as an ordinary play, and took drastic measures. I really don't like the idea, since it means a totally different costume for me, and I had already picked mine out. Jon Giffin (student director) knows some lady who did the costumes for some other plays set in this time, and he says that he's going to get in contact with her. So far he hasn't been able to reach her on the phone. Well, the clock is still ticking.

Another thing that bothers me about the play is the way I take it. Every other play I've been in, I've taken real seriously, because the directors struck fear into my heart. But this one, I don't get nervous over, and I can tell that I'm not doing my best job that I can do. That bothers me.

I guess that it looks like the exchange concert is definately on. I'm not all that excited about it, but it ought to be some fun.

This week we got our final term paper assignment in Expo. It's due on May 31. That doesn't leave me a whole lot of time, if you think about the Saturday rehearsals, and the two weekends for the exchange. We had a Sat. rehearsal today, and like usual, not much seemed to get accomplished.

Next week is only four days, and the next week is vacation. Only it won't seem like that much of a vacation to me. I'll probably get the majority of my Expo research done then, and also look for a job for the summer, as well as go to rehearsals on a couple days during vacation. The only good thing about that Expo paper is the fact that it replaces a final exam.

Sometime early this week, I finally went to the doctors about my infected toe. It's been infected for almost a year now, and I figured it ought to be stopped. I went expecting him to put me on antibiotics or something, but he didn't bother fooling around. He said antibiotics wouldn't help, and he numbed the toe with four shots of novacaine, and proceeded to remove my entire toe-nail. Actually, I'm glad he did it then. That way I hardly had time to worry about it. The shots hurt like a bitch, but I didn't feel a thing when he pulled the nail. Now I have to soak it every day, and dress it every day. He said it'd be about six months before the nail was completely back. The funny thing about it, was that the doctor was the same one who delivered me.

There was a dance this weekend, but I didn't go. First of all, I'm broke, and secondly I just wasn't in the mood. This week we had a "hush day" in school. One day all the boys in the school couldn't talk to any girl in another grade, or else they would have to give them their "card." Another day, the roles were reversed. I missed the day when the boys tried to make the girls talk, because I was at Latin Day. But the other day, I did have some girls try to make me talk, but I didn't give in. The spirit even persuaded Mindy Dearborn to talk to me. It's kind of pityful that it takes something like Hush Day to get her to pay some attention to me.

I feel as if I have a lot more to say, but it's getting late (9:30 Pm), and I've been busy all day at reheasal and all, so I think I'll forget about them for now. Maybe tomorrow I'll write some more, or maybe not. Anyway, I think I've covered all the fairly important stuff. Until next time...

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tetracycline ho!

It's funny how some things — like acne — I've practically forgotten all about, even though, from reading this, the 21st entry to my 1984 diary, it was once in the forefront of my mind.

Saturday, April 7, 1984
Good day, and today's topic is the SATs; they're over. Actually I shouldn't say that they're over, because I'll probably take them again at least once more. But like I said, it was one of those things I was fearing, and now it's a load off my chest. I'll probably take them again this year, in June. I think I did OK, but it'll be interesting to see my scores; they should come in about 6 weeks.

This coming week, I'll get another load off my chest. On Thursday, we'll be going to Latin Day at the university. The play is only about 2 1/2 minutes long, but there's also some sort of contest, which I have to take place in. Six of our class is going to be one team to represent our school, in some sort of contest in which they ask us questions dealing with Latin grammar, vocab, etc.

To be honest, the main thing that worries me these days, is the acne on my arms. With spring here, and warm weather arriving, short sleeved shirts can't be that far away. I remembered how much I enjoyed the coming of spring, and being able to start wearing short-sleeved shirts again. But this year, I've developed a fairly bad case of acne on my arms. It's bad enough so that I feel terribly self-conscience in short-sleeves. About one month ago I started putting some sort of creme on them that should have helped, but it doesn't look like it's going to. My mother seems sympathetic, more than I can say for my father, and wants to schedule me for an appointment with the dermatalogist. I feel as if there's a big clock ticking away the cold weather, and when the alarm rings, my time is up.

I only had to show-up at rehearsal twice last week, since we broke each scene down, and blocked it. We did actually get something accomplished. However, the blocking that we did get done has some flaws. Hopefully, they'll get worked out as we go along. I nearly shit a brick when I relized that we have only 3 weeks of rehearsal left. That works out to be 15 days, including tech and dress rehearsals. We'd better sahedule a few Saturday rehearsals, or else I think the odds of pulling this play off are real slim. We've barely begun to get the blocking together, to say nothing of all of the magic tricks we have to get to perfection. One encouraging note is the set. It's at least been started. The walls are up, but the window and doors need to be finished. They need to be painted, and all of the furnature and props need to be gotten. I've got most of my props; I don't have that many. What I'm worried about is getting some candlesticks.

My father thinks he'll be going back to work on Monday. After a whole winter of nearly constantly having someone here it'll be good to spend some more time alone.

I can't remember where I left you, in regards to the Exchange Concert situation. Mr. B found a school near Amherst, Mass., that's looking for an exchange. Their Jr & Sr band is one and the same, so we're going to have to take along our eighth-grade band. Right now it looks like it's going to go through. Mr B was filling out the needed forms on Friday. The days would be the weekend of the 11th of May and the 18th of May. After our first exchange got cancelled, we started on the play, so I had something else to occupy my mind. I wasn't all that sad that it was cancelled. But this will be after the play is over, so it won't conflict. I'm not all that enthused with this new one, but if we go it should provide some new sights of G I R L S !!!

Bill, Aaron, Benji & I went to see "Pippin," Lincoln's play. It was fairly good. I'd say that we had a pretty good time, but Aaron and Bill had been drinking, and it's different when that's the situation.

Didn't have that much homework this weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to run over my lines for the play, and probably think over the blocking. Other then that, there's not much left for me to do. Before I forget, some time last week or so I was informed that I was first in the junior class. The person who told me said that all the tallies weren't in but it looked as if I'd take it. Since then I've had a few people mention it to me, so I guess I did it. I don't think its any big deal; you get what you work for. Until next time ...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Adolescent aperitif

I often have tried to remember if my disinterest in alcohol during high school created any kind of riff between myself and my more typically booze-inclined adolescent friends. This, the 20th entry to my actual 1984 diary, seems to be the first reference I make to drinking playing a part in my social life.

To catch you up, my disinterest in drinking continued through my freshman year in college. The summer of 1986, however, I fell off the wagon and spent the next several years trying to make up for lost time.

Saturday, March 31, 1984
Back again. This weekend, I'm not as busy as last, so hopefully I'll be a bit more detailed than last week. The play's going O.K. Like I said, I'm still worried about things coming together. Things are looking up. On Thursday the director said that he was going to break-down each scene, and work-out specific blocking for them. That's what really needs to be done. I don't have to go to rehearsal until Wednesday, as they're going to be blocking Act I Scenes 1 & 2 on Monday and Tuesday, and I'm in Act I Scene 3. Kind of got a shock when I rolled over the calendar to April (I always do it one day early!), and now I can see how much time we have to pull this play off. We have less than five weeks, and that's including April vacation, in which we're only scheduled to rehearse twice; that might change.

Just finished the 3rd school quarter this Friday. Seems strange to think that we've started the last quarter of the year. I guess it always does. Seemed good to be able to clean-out my notebook, and think of starting in on Monday all fresh. I got an A- on my Expo term paper, which is 50% of our grade. I've been thinking that I'll get all As this quarter, but then I thought again. Just this Thursday, Mr. B tried to make me take another solo in Jazz Band, I refused. He said I'd get an E for the quarter, and I thought he was joking. But maybe he isn't. Or at least I probably won't get an A.

SATs are next Saturday, and Latin Day is the 12th. I'll have a couple of things off my mind after those two events pass. I'll still have to think, or perhaps worry is a better word, about getting a job, though.

Surprisingly enough, the play hasn't seemed to affect my homework that much. Maybe just be coincidence, I've had less in the past week. Anyhow, I hope it keeps up. Probably my attitude will change after we get started on the next Expo paper; this one has to be 15 pages long.

Quite a while ago, I said that Bill was going to introduce me to Mindy Dearborn. Well, just to keep you updated, he never did. It's not that he doesn't want to, but just that it'd be a little awkward, and I agree. We have spent some time together with her, but I don't really know her well enough to sit-down with her alone, yet. Before I forget, I guess I should fill ya' in on Bill's situation. I guess that last time I talked about his love-life, he had just broken-up with Molly. I was wrong when I gave them one week to get back together. At first Bill was pretty down, but now he's better. For a while, he was going with the one that he had so earlier before tried to talk me into, Cathy. It didn't last long, but sort of came and went a couple of times. I guess you could say that it wasn't a long affair, but rather an intense one. It must have been during February vacation that they slipped out of the house and would meet and mess-around until it was almost light. (Mess-around is such a vague word, isn't it?) Anyways, it looks like it's completely over with them now (it has been for a while), because Cathy has a different boyfriend. I always thought that nymphomaniacs were just fiction, but from what Bill told me, maybe I'm wrong.

Went to a really rotten dance last night. Hardly anyone was there, or maybe I should say that nobody "good" was there. I think it was because the chorus had left for their exchange concert in Connecticut that day. Bill had gone to the 8th grade one-act competition, so Aaron, Paul, Benji and Bob Lawrence (better known just as "Larry") were there. We left pretty early and went to Juan's. All Aaron and Larry were looking for was something to drink, and since they couldn't get it there, we left soon and waited in the back parking lot while Larry and Aaron went to get their 6-pack. Larry brought back a bonus of a porn magazine; what a card that Larry is. Aaron wanted to go to some back road so they could down the goods, and Benji and I decided to follow, not having anything else to do. After a short while, Benji and I decided to leave and did. No hard feelings between Aaron and Larry, and Benji and I. It's just that it was foolish for Benji and I to hang around and watch them drink, and I think that they understood that. By the way, Benji drove to the dance that night. It was the first time that his parents let him. It was kind of nice to relax, instead of worrying about the car, and how much gas I was burning off.

I think that I made up for last week's short entry, with this week's. You can plan on next weekend, another entry, but probably not before then. Wait!! I've forgotten something! Early this week at rehearsal, I was up on stage and accidently tripped over some chairs while walking backwards. I went over the chairs back-first and landed on my ass. I guess it was a riot, and everybody cracked-up. I was embarrassed, but happy that I got myself some attention. Anyway, I just thought I'd include that in this week, since it's an experience to remember. Until next time...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hocus Pocus redux

I didn't realize I'd ever actually counted the number of lines I had in a play. But this, the 19th entry to my 1984 diary, proves me wrong.

Sunday, March 25, 1984
If I remember correctly, last Monday was a snow-day, so we didn't get to rehearse. However, on Tuesday we did. Found out that Monroe & Clarence are in Act I and then return again in Act 2. I've got 50 lines, which is just about the size of a part that I wanted. I've already got my lines memorized, but I'm sure that I'll run over them a lot more. Seems to be a lot of worry about this play ever getting off the ground. The director has never directed before (only assisted), and he doesn't seem to be that ridged. Usually, the director kicks our asses from day number one, and then the show is barely ready to put on when it's supposed to go on. If he keeps-up directing the way he's been, I don't know what'll happen.

Yesterday, Aaron, Benji, Bill and myself went to see the chorus exchange concert; the people from the other school were here at our school this weekend. The concert wasn't all that terribly exciting, but at least there were some new girls for us to look at, along with some old ones (namely, Krissi). Afterwards, we went to Aunt Betty's Everything Pizza, then to Juan's for a quick Coke.

For a long time I haven't had any Expo homework, since we've been working on our term papers, and I passed mine in early. Now the term papers are passed in, and the Expo homework is going to hit me like a ton-of-bricks. Play rehearsal every day after school is going to make school real tough.

Guess I'll cut this one off short. I want to enjoy some time alone since my parents have gone to bring Anne back to school. I'll probably be cutting it off short for the next month or so, since it looks as if with the play and all, I'll be pretty busy. Until next time ...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The little red haired girl

I think the girl I mention in this, the 18th entry to my 1984 diary, is the girl that Bill and I used to refer to "the little red haired girl," a la the Peanuts comic strip. I struggle to remember her real name now, as the nicknames we used to come up for people used to stick so well.

By the way, it's OK to joke about molesting children when you're one yourself ...

Friday, March 16, 1984
As I promised, I'm writing now to let you know the situation with the play. For the beginning fo the day, I felt a nervous sort of anxiety, waiting to see if I got the part. The cast list was supposed to be posted after 6th period. I was up in the math area, and saw the director. He asked me if it seemed like a long time 'till 6th period, and then asked me where my 6th period class was. I said in the foreign langage area, and he said that sounded like a long walk to the auditorium. Then he told me that I got Monroe, the part I wanted. Afterwards, I took a look at the list, and found that Aaron, Bill, & Paul all got parts; Bill got the lead. The second thing that I looked at on the list, was who was to play my side-kick. It turns out that Dan Segal is going to. I was in a play with him before ("Arsenic and Old Lace"), and he isn't too good of an actor, but not horrendous. At least he looks the part, he's tall and heavy built. Kind of the muscle of the outfit, while I'll the brains, supposedly.

I was hoping that they would have the first rehearsal after school today, but it has been schedualed for Monday. I was really looking forward to reading over the play, and seeing how large my part is. As it turns out, I guess I'll have to wait until Monday.

Except for the names I listed earlier, the rest of the cast rooks pretty unfamiliar to me. I think a lot of them are younger. However, there's hope. I know of one good-lookin' girl that got a part. Of course, she's in 8th grade, but what's wrong with molesting children?

Guess that's it for this time. Haven't got much to say as far as the rest of this past week went, so I wouldn't be surprised if this was the only entry for this week. If I feel the urge, I might write again, if not we'll see ya' next weekend.

Hocus pocus

"Hocus Pocus" was probably the worst script I've ever taken a role in. But it did introduce me to someone who'd end up playing a significant role in my final high school years, though I didn't know it at the time I wrote this 17th entry to my 1984 diary.

Thursday, March 15, 1984
Well, welcome to one of those exciting days, on which I said I'd write something. Guess that last time I left you, try-outs for the play were on for Tuesday. As it turns out, the late-buses were cancelled due to bad weather, and the auditions were also cancelled. Then on Wednesday we had a snow-day, so finally auditions were today after school.

I'd said that I thought the play was going to be "Get Bill Shakespeare Off the Stage." As it turns out, since more people showed up for the audttions they are going to put on "Hocus Pocus." It's also a comedy, but relies heavily on magical tricks and stunts in the plot. I'd have to say that I feel pretty good about the way try-outs went. First I gave a medeocore reading, but then they wanted to have a reading for two thugs that supposedly are trying to rip-off some house. The co-director described the parts to us, and Bill and I volunteered. We did a real good reading. I've always wanted to get a part that is everybody's favorite character in the play. I guess it started when I saw "Kiss Me Kate." In the play, there were two thugs, not unlike the part I tryed-out for. Everybody in the audience loved them, along with me. Ever since then I've hoped for a play that had some sort of character in it that was similar to these characters in "Kiss Me Kate." I thought the odds of the directors picking such a play were slim (Murphy's Law), and the chances of me getting the part were even more so. I got called back up to read the part again, and I really feel that I have a good chance of getting the role. The selection we read wasn't too long, but I think there was more. Anyway, it's not length or size that I'm looking forward to, it's the quality of the part; I think I could have a ball with this part. Anyway, by tomorrow we'll know what parts we got, By-the-way, Krissi and Mindy showed up for auditions but took-off within five minutes. Afterwards, Bill asked Mindy why they left, and she said because the play didn't sound too great. So much for pussy in the play (such vulgarity!)

Guess that's it. Rehearsals are supposed to start tomorrow. I'll almost definately write then, to tell ya' if and which part I got. Chow.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Where's Mindy now?

A quick Google of Mindy Dearborn (not her real name), mentioned for the second time in this the 16th entry to my actual 1984 diary, would seem to indicate she's still living and working in my old home town — at a local food co-op.

Sunday, March 11, 1984
So much for writing again before the end of the weekend. I guess I got carried away with doing other things and just dun forgot about it! Anyway, I've got somethings to say this week.

First of all, I guess I'll fill 'ya in on the situation with the musical. There was a Drama Club meeting on Friday (I think) which I went to. We learned that doing a musical this spring is totally out of the question, because there just isn't enough time. Before the meeting I heard rumors that they were going to do another non-musical play. It seems that they've picked out three plays, which are all 2 or 3 act comedies. One of them is quite bad (supposedly), so it's not being considered. The other two don't really sound too exciting or funny, but you can't really tell from just a description. We took a vote, and about 10 people said they'd like to be involved with one of these plays, including myself. Since it doesn't look as if there's all that much enthusiasm out there, it looks like another one of the plays has to be eliminated; it has a large cast. So right now it looks like we're going to put on a comedy called "Get Bill Shakespeare Off the Stage." The description didn't really excite me, but after not being in a play since ninth grade, I'm so stage-hungry I'll do anything. Try-outs have been scheduled for this Tuesday. It all happened so fast, that I still can't believe it. I just hope that I don't change my mind about trying-out just before the auditions, like I did before "Frankenstein." I don't think I will.

Went to the talent show this Friday. Had a pretty good time, and met Bill, Aaron & Jon there, Benji came with me. Before the show, we were sitting waiting, and a boy, I'd guess about 4th grade age, walked past. I looked at him, and then looked again. Was I hallucinating? This person looked exactly like Krissi Jansen! I turned to Bill, and told him to look at him. I didn't say what for, I just said to look at him. He did, and turned to me and said, "He looks just like Krissi Jansen!" I'M NOT LIVING IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE!! Bill and Aaron, and maybe someone else, went up to where he sat down and asked him if he was Krissi's brother, and he said he was.

While we're on the subject of Krissi (har, har), I think I've reached a solution. I think I'll give-up. I guess I've finally relized that I'm just wasting my time waiting for something to happen, when she obviously isn't interested in me. If she had one ounce of interest in me, she would have shown it by now. The only possibility I think I have now of getting to know her, is if we both get into the play. Most of the time, especially with small casts, all the members of the cast get to be pretty good friends by the end of the play. I'd be especially lucky if we got parts which were together a lot on stage. I guess I'll just keep dreaming. Probably by next entry (next weekend) I'll already know what part I got, and what part she got too (if she trys-out).

Also, this week we learned that the band Exchange Concert has been canceled. It seems that the people in the other state heard about the meningitus break out we've had here, and have bowed-out. The community next to theirs had a girl die from it right after being with someone from our area. Some real bad rumors about 8 people dying from it here, and about our school being quarantined, have been in the papers up there and the parents of the kids panicked. We've tried to explain to them the actual situation (there have been no cases of it in our school), but it's too late. Right now Mr. B is trying to find another school. At the beginning, I didn't think that I wanted to go, but after I had thought aoout it, I decided that it would be fun. Now when I want to go, it gets cancelled. Mr. B has found two school that are looking for an exchange. One is in Ontario, Canada; the other is in New Jersey. The problem is that they are large schools, and each person here would have to house about 2 people when their school visits here. Probably will know soon what were're going to do, since time is a wastin'.

I'm kind of looking forward to Monday, for a change. I've laid eyes on another girl. Her name is Mindy Dearborn, and she's in the 10th grade. (Boy, we're getting right up there, aren't we!) She's real pretty (look out Krissi), and Bill has said that he'd introduce me to her on Monday. I'm probably getting all excited over nothing. Knowing me, either I'll gracously bow-out from meeting her, or else make myself look like a zero while meeting her. Anyways, it'll be interesting. (I wonder if she trys-out for plays?)

I worked all yesterday on homework, mainly Expo. I'll probably do some more of that today, along with some more practicing, as Mr. B delayed the playing test, until Monday.

Guess that's it for today. See ya' next weekend.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Dance, dance, dance

I don't remember school dances being a big part of teenaged life, but from reading this, the 15th entry to my 1984 diary, I guess they were.

Saturday, March 3, 1984
Back again. Guess I'll start by saying that the field trip to go and see that play was cancelled due to poor weather. For some strange reason, the beginning of this week seems ages ago. Anyways, not much has happened in the rest of the week either. Probably the most eventful occurrence was the dance last night.

Well, I guess before I start-in on the story about the dance, I should fill you in on the current situation with Krissi. On Tuesday, I was down at my locker after I had heard that the field trip had been cancelled. When I walked past Krissi's locker, I surprisingly said hi to her. It was strange. For months I've been trying to force myself to talk to her, and one day it just comes out spontaniously. I can't say that her reaction was too encouraging. She didn't even look at me, and barely managed to return my greeting. Her attitude seemed to be one of disgust. Within five seconds of that moment, I said to myself that this was it, and that I wouldn't pay any more attention to her, and wouldn't think about her anymore. I was both angry at her and depressed, so I told myself that I'd just give up. Well, now my anger has kind of faded and things seem almost as they were before.

As for the dance, I thought that I probably wouldn't go, since I felt that I had no reason to, having given up on Krissi. However, when about 6:45 rolled around, I knew that I couldn't stand to stay home. It was a sock-hop, but I didn't dress-up like a lot of people. The dance was pretty uneventful for me. I saw Krissi was there, but, of course, didn't try to talk to her, or even catch her eye for that matter. I had the perfect opportunity to meet a new girl, but blew-it. Bill asked me if I wanted him to introduce me to a new girl he had met, her name is Mindy Dearborn, and she's in 10th grade. I started to walk over with him, but whimped-out and turned around. Chalk-up another point for Mr. Personality.

Some girl stuck to Aaron for practically the whole evening. I don't know her name, but I'd guess that she's a year younger than us. She just started to talk to him, and before he knew it, she had him dancing with her and sharing a Coke with her. I could tell that he was pretty embarrassed about the whole thing, but I'd guess that it still made him feel good, even though he says that he doesn't like her. I was lucky enough not to have someone dragging me out on the dance floor this time. A couple of dances back Lisa Liddy dragged me out onto the floor with the help of Aaron & Bill.

I really don't know why I think that I have to go to every dance there is now. Every time after the dance, I drop into a deep state of depression, because I end up leaving just as I came, alone.

Aaron said that he'd like to get together sometime during this 4-day weekend, but I don't know if we will. Bill called me this afternoon, and said he'd like to have me over this weekend, and we probably will get together. I'd guess probably Tuesday.

My beloved Expo teacher assigned us an essay for this weekend, something she's not supposed to do when we're working on our term papers. Anyways, I got that finished this afternoon, and am going to write at least the rough draft of my term paper, too. Right now I think I'll do some practicing. Mr B is going to test us on all of the pieces for the exchange concert on Wednesday. I guess I have a little practicing to do.

Before I forget, this week "Juvey" was cancelled. From what I heard Jeff Mason said that he couldn't handle all of the pressures. At the beginning of the week I learned that my name was on the orcestra list. Now Mr. Austin has put an ad in the paper for a director for some spring production. I don't know if it's going to be a musical or what, but it looks like I have another chance of getting into a 3-act play or at least a real orcestra. Probably will write again before the end of the weekend. Chow.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

With my microphone, I do a super show

fcc license
I have to chuckle when I read over this, the 14th entry to my 1984 diary. Radio operators haven't had to be licensed for many years now, but at the time I was looking for my first job on-the-air, they did. Ironically, getting a license simply involved filling out a form and mailing it in. Before sticking it in the mail, the applicant retained one portion of the form, which served as their temporary license. In other words, you could get licensed before the FCC even received your application — much less processed it and sent you your permanent license by return mail.

By the way, I still have my license (above) — tattered and torn after 20-plus years of riding around in my wallet. Technically, I don't think it's even legal: I seem to recall I was just a shade too young to get my license back in 1984, but I sent in the application anyway. Probably a federal offense, so let's try and keep that just between us.

The 1983 date on the license just plain baffles me. It oughta be 1984.

Saturday, Feb. 25, 1984
Only one more day left to vacation. It seems to have passed real fast. Probably one reason for that was because I didn't get all of my school work finished in the first two days or so. First we had to go to Middletown, then I worked on research and writing for the rest of the time. Got the Adv. Amer. History paper finished and got all of my Expo. research done. Probably will write the actual paper, or most of it, next weekend when we have a four-day weekend (when it rains, it pours!). Besides the homework, I also went looking for a summer job.

I went to WIKS, WPNT & WRAI/WPLY. None of them sounded too promising. Pretty much, the story was that there weren't any openings, but all of them took my name and two of them let me fill-aut an application. Just now I've been looking over an application for a commercial operators license for radio. I'm confused as to which class I need to apply for etc. etc. so I'm writing the FCC to get specifics. I figure that when I get all the info and apply for the license and get the license, then I'll write to the radio stations to let them know. I think that it'd make my application look a bit better since all of them asked if I had a license.

Dad thinks I ought to put my name in to grocery stores. By-the-way, I heard that the city sewer offer good jobs, too!

Probably next I'll look around to the camera stores. I'd much more prefer to get some experience at a radio station, but it may just be impossible.

Haven't really practiced all that I guess I should have. Still a long way to go before all four tunes are learned. Maybe I'll do a bit tomorrow.

Also, today I did some work on my plane. I've been so busy with other things that when I have some free time, I just want to relax, not go into the frigid waste-land of the basement. Anyways, today I finished covering the tail, and did one half of the bottom of the wing. Surprisingly, the wing looks pretty good. I thought I'd have a big problem with wrinkles, but I only got a few. Probably will do some more on that tomorrow.

Now I've entered that terrible time at the end of a vacation, in which I can't seem to think of much but school. What will life be like when I don't have to worry about how we'll get that lab finished when both Bill & I are leaving for a field-trip on the day we'll probably finish it? Will I survive when I don't have to think about Latin Day at the university, or getting a job, or the Exchange Trip in Band? Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion ...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Middletown bound

The funny thing about this, the 13th entry to my 1984 diary, is that I don't mention the one and only thing I recall about my trip to Middletown (not the town's real name) 20-plus years later: that I travelled there with my father.

I seem to recall that originally my mother and my father planned on going, but my mother dropped out. I've never been particularly close with or comfortable around my father, so I remember the thought of travelling about seven hours in a car with him made me anxious. I don't remember exactly how it all played out, but apparently, at the time, it wasn't worth writing about.

I wonder sometimes if my mother decided to let us go alone in hopes it might lead me and him to getting to know one another better.

It didn't.

Tuesday, Feb. 21, 1984
Got back from Middletown last night at about 10:30 Pm. Although I didn't really want to go, I'm glad I did. Now at least I know that I like the looks and atmosphere of the campus, and if I end-up applying to Middletown, I've already had an interview (which most colleges recommend). I really liked the looks of the school (like I said), and I think that I'd like to go there. It just seems strange that we sort of picked Middletown out of the few I'm considering sort of by random, and now it's at the top of my list. We took a group tour around the campus and saw all of the buildings, or just about all of them. I guess the interview went OK also. The person I wrote to, to arrange the visit, was the one who interviewed me and the one who signed me up to visit two classes after the interview. However, we felt that the last one got over too late, so we didn't attend it. It was the second one that I really would have liked to see, it was Intro. to Broadcasting. The one we did see was Intro. to Computer Science.

Now that I'm back home again, I'll have to start thinking about school-work again. I think I'll try to get my Adv. Amer. History paper finished today, so the only real work I'll have to do for the rest of the vacation will be research for my Expo paper. Also, should start practicing the music for the exchange concert which Mr. B passed out before vacation.

In the spirit of tradition ... Krissi.

Guess that's about it for now. Haven't got anything major planned for the rest of vacation. However, Bill said that he'd like to get together and do something, and we probably will. Until I have something good to write about ...

Monday, July 04, 2005

Let's fuck around

In this, the 12th entry to my 1984 diary, I tell of an incident that me and my friends still joke about to this day. The group of guys who chased us back to our cars that Friday night likely didn't have any intention of physically harming us — probably were just getting some laughs at scaring some geeks. (And they did.)

The phrase one of them taunted us with was, "Let's fuck around!" and it's that phrase that Benji and I still throw back and forth to each other today.

By the way, one of the guys that chased us was the same guy who supposedly got the role of the delinquent in the film "I Am the Cheese," which I mentioned in a previous post. Perhaps chasing us down was part of his "method" to prepare for his role.

Saturday, Feb. 18, 1984
In about 45 minutes or so I'll have to start to get ready for the wedding reception that I have to play at. But since I have some time, I thought I'd write a few lines.

Last night Aaron, Benji & I went to see a movie, "Blame It on Rio." Afterwards, we went over to Antonio's and played some video games. After that Aaron finally talked me into going over to Juan's and we had a Coke. When we were finished, Aaron & Benji insisted on leaving through the back exit, so we did. When we got out there we found a full bottle of beer, and we joked around with it, until we noticed a strange man was watching us, then we split. When we got out onto the main street, we passed a group of three scums. They started giving us some shit, but we just ignored them and kept on walking. After a while we noticed that they were following us and obviously wanted to fight. We started walking a little faster, and by the time we reached our cars, which we had left in the parking lot of Antonio's, they had caught up to us. We started to get into the car and one of them started pounding on the roof of the car, as he spewed shit from his mouth. We sped off, and as we left I blared my horn for a good long moment, just as a sort of last insult to them. I wish I had time to think while it was happening. If I had, I would of getten in the car, and then sat there to frustrate them. But as it is, both Aaron and I just sped off. I got pretty worked up about the whole thing, and now I wish that one of them had tried to stand in the car's way, and I would have happily run them over.

Guess that Dad & I are leaving for Middletown tomorrow, don't know what time. I'll be glad when I'm back home and the whole trip is behind me.

Mom & Dad gladly announced to me that I should start looking for a summer job now. I really like it how they just expect everything from me. They just keep piling more & more things for me to think about into by brain and think that I can keep all of them going right along smoothly. Maybe it's time that I started making some problems for them so they can realize how miserable I could make their lives. Do you think I should get trashed and crash the car first, or should I get a girl pregnant first? Perhaps dropping out of school should be the first thing on my list.

Like I said, I gotta lot of things floating around in my head right now. First of all there's Krissi, which would be enough to drive me out of my mind alone. Then there's college, SATs, the Senior Band exchange trip, Latin Day at the university, and "Juvey." Which reminds me, Aaron said that I should get in touch with the band conductor of "Juvey," before Paul Chips does, because there's only like one "horn." The problem is that Paul already knows the conductor, since he's been in other musicals with him. On the other hand, Jeff Mason asked me if I'd want to be in the band, so I feel that I probably have a better chance, since I know Jeff likes me.

I guess that I've unloaded all of the trash which has been clogging my mind for a while. If I don't write again before I leave to beloved Middletown, it'll be after I get back. Chow.

Drama king

Looking over this, the 11th entry to my 1984 diary, you can see my penchant for being just a little over dramatic. Using words like "annihilated" and "frustratingly depressing" makes me laugh today, but I can only assume that 20 years ago, they were the best words I felt I had to describe my feelings.

Here's what I'd tell myself, if I could travel back in time to 1984 and speak to myself: Lighten up, jackass.

Thursday, Feb. 16, 1984
Hidee Ho! I guess you could say that Feb. vacation has officially begun, but it won't really seem it until a few days into the week. I haven't got that much planned, except going to Middletown for that visit, doing quite a bit of homework and some practicing and playing at Pamela Ryan's wedding on Sat. afternoon (4:00 to 7:00) with the Jazz Band.

Can't say that I'm looking forward to going to Middletown. First of all, on my vacations I like to stay home and get all of my school work finished early and have some time to relax, for a change. Secondly, because I'm nervous about the "interview" which I have. I don't really know what to expect; I don't know how formal of an interview it's going to be. Anyways, time will pass and soon I'll be back home with the rest of vacation ahead of me.

I had one the most frustratingly depressing experiences at the Pops Concert this past Tuesday. As far as the playing goes, it went pretty well and I had a good time. The depressing part involves a girl and I bet you know her name already. When we were waiting to go on for Jazz Band, we were all around the wings of the auditorium. We were last on the program, so we had a while to wait. The lighting was dim, but I thought I saw Krissi sitting alone on the floor about 50 feet from me. After a few minutes of investigating I reached the conclusion that it was her. At first I thought what an absurd idea it would be to go over and sit down next to her; then I relized that it wasn't absurd at all and that I should do it. After all, the lighting was dim so I wouldn't feel as self-conscience, and I wouldn't have to make much conversation since we would watch the concert. Even if it wasn't Krissi, I think I would have wanted to go over and sit down with "that person" because she seemed very lonely there all by herself. Besides, I was really feeling good about myself. I felt that I looked pretty good that night and I felt good about being in Jazz Band and being about to perform. I remained in mental agony for about 10 minutes trying to force myself to walk over there and sit down next to her and say "Hi". I think that given about another 5 minutes I might have done it, but being the way I am, time ran out and it was time for us to play. I felt annihilated. If I could approach her with every possible condition in my favor, how would I ever do it?

I think that my desire for her has grown greatly since I first saw her. Now when I see her walking along the halls I feel a very strong desire. By-the-way, I did send her a carnation on Valentine's Day, but nothing seems to have come of it. Also found out that she isn't going to "The Boys From Syracuse" on the 28th.

Well, getting off the subject of ninth grade blondes, I have some inportant homework I gotta do this vacation. For instance, I've got to finish a book and do a report on it, and I'd like to write my Adv. Amer. History paper and get the research for my Expo paper done this vacation also. It probably would be pretty nice to have some fun this vacation, too, if I can still remember how to do it.

I think I'll go to the library tonight and get some more sources for my papers. Now that I've cheered myself all up, I think I'm ready ...

Saturday, July 02, 2005

The cheese stands alone

The auditions for "I am the Cheese" that I mention in this, the 10th entry to my 1984 diary, consisted of a handful of us playing monkey in the middle. It wasn't exactly a great test of our acting ability, but probably a fairly good way of discovering which of us might be more prone to be a bully, which is the role they were trying to cast.

I clearly didn't have a chance.

The rumor went around that one guy at the audition was awarded the role — a non-speaking part — but then blew off the production by not showing up to the shoot. At any rate, when I saw the film in the theater, he wasn't in it.

I recall being on Cloud 9 for the handful of days between learning I'd have the chance to audition — I got a copy of the book from the library and read it in a single night to prepare — and the actual audition. I really thought it might have been my "break" into professional acting.

I can laugh at that now. But at the time, I took it with deadly seriousness. My mindset as a 16-year-old — that I might be able to achieve remarkable things — was clearly quite different than where my head as a 37-year-old is today. I wish it wasn't.

Oddly, I don't recall being very disappointed when I learned they weren't interested in me.

Sunday, Feb. 12, 1984
So much for the dance that was supposed to be this past Friday; it was cancelled. Almost went to one at Maynard High after a B-ball game with them, but couldn't really find anyone who would go with me. Last night Aaron & I went to see "I Am the Cheese," the movie which was shot around here and the one which I "tried-out" for. It was really fun seeing places that I knew. For instance, they shot a scene right near Weller Pond and also in downtown Maynard and Bridgton.

I got a letter back from the place that is conducting a search for independent films. It seems that to have it viewed, it must be duplicated onto video tape. If it is picked to play on the air (for an ongoing cable program called Independant Cinema) the "producer" will receive $10 p/minute. I'm thinking of writing them a letter asking if they would consider viewing our movie(s) in its Super-8 format, since we're on a limited buget (or maybe I should say insect).

The Pops Concert is this Tuesday; I think I'm just about ready. Really looking forward to playing in it for two reasons. First of all, because I haven't been in a concert for so long and am glad to be back in band, and secondly because Krissi is in chorus and I'll probably see her there.

Well since you just had to bring up the subject of Krissi, I'll guess I'll have to do some writing about her now. Not much has changed since last week. I think that she may be more curious about me, because several times this week when I looked over to her, she was looking at me. This Tuesday they're selling carnations in the Student Lounge because it is Valentine's Day. I think I'll send one to her (or maybe a couple just for good measure). Also is a Drama Club meeting on Monday (I think), and I'll see her then, too.

This is the last school week before our Feb. vacation. And as vacation rolls around, so does Feb. 20th & my visit to Middletown. Since we've just been started on our first Expo term paper (worth over 50% of our grade) and also an Adv. American History paper, I don't think that I'll have that much time to relax over vacation. After vacation the trip to Dartmouth for that play is on the 28th. When I signed-up for it I didn't see Krissi's name on the sign-up sheet, but hopefully she has.

Right now I think I'll do some note taking for that Expo paper I mentioned earlier, and also practice some a bit later. Until next week...