Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Where's Krissi now?

A few years ago, a graduate of my high school started an informal alum newsletter. In one of her early issues, she included a blurb that Krissi had sent along. If I remember correctly, she was on the West Coast, perhaps Seattle, playing in what I think was an all-girl band.

I can't recall if I emailed her to tell her what I big crush I had on her my junior year or not.

Google's pretty ignorant of her. The best I can find these days is a few mentions that are all several years old.

Goodnight, Krissi — wherever you are.

Saturday, Feb. 2, 1984
Howdie Ho, everybody! This is CF here with all of the up-to-the-minute updates, thrills & chills that have happened in my life in the past week.

Actually, not that much has happened, like usual. Mom & Dad left for Atlantic City Thursday, and I've been "on my own" since then. They've called twice since then and have said that they haven't won much. They're going to see Don Rickles tonight at 10:00. They're coming back on Monday. I've had a pretty good time by myself. With Dad home almost constantly during the winter, it feels good to have all this time home alone.

Went to the Jazz Band Play-a-Thon this morning from 9:00 to about 1:00. We played for 200 minutes with about 4 50 minute breaks (How good are you at math?). I think it was probably good for my lip, to help me get back in shape. By-the way, I feel that I'm almost back to usual with my trombone. Only real problem is my high notes. Probably by concert time (Feb. 14) I'll be 98% back.

Got a response back from that letter I wrote to Middletown College. Said that she had scheduled me for an interview on the 20th of Feb. at 1:00. Also said that I would tour the campus, and if I dropped her a letter telling her my area of academic interest, she'd sign me up for a sit-in on a class. When I first saw that word "interview" I kind of freaked-out, but now that I've thought about it, I think I'll handle it.

Well, now it's that time that you've all been waiting for, the time when I talk about Krissi. Something a little out of the ordinary happen in regards to her this week. During the Drama Club meeting I sort of sat next to her. According to Bill, her and Cathy (Bill's new girlfriend, by-the-way) were giving each other glances, so at least she acknowledged who I was and why I was sitting next to her. Secondly, and seemingly more drastic, is what happened when I walked by Krissi and one of her friends who were standing next to Krissi's locker. I had just gone to my locker and was trying to get past some clown standing in my way in study Hall. I Bozoed around for a bit before I got around them. When I got through Krissi & her friend were looking at me. I looked back and smiled to Krissi and she whispered something to the friend. When I was almost to the doors someone called out, "Hi, Cameron!" I turned around, and while walking backwards, said "Hi," back. I turned back around just in time to avoid hitting the door. I think that it was Krissi who said it. The only reason that I doubt it is because when I turned around and returned the greeting to Krissi, her friend went into a hysterical laugh. I could hear her cackle all the time that I went up the stairs. It was sort of like hearing machine-gun fire fade off into the distance. Anyway, when I look back at last week, it seems like I had a sort of pessimistic attitude toward her. Now things seemed to have changed, and I'm feeling a bit better. Then when I came out of Senior Band, the same day, Krissi and the Laughing Hyena were there. The friend said to Krissi, "Look, there he is!" (Pretty exciting line, huh?). Anyway, I hope that Krissi hangs around more with what seems to be a human catalyst.

Before I forget, attatched to the paper (I'm not quite sure where I'll stick it yet) is an ad that Krissi supposedly saved for the gang. It seems that she knew that Aaron, Bill & I make films. I guess the reasons why I'm saving it are twofold. One, because I don't want to lose it, in case I want future reference, and secondly, because I'm a sentimental fool.

Next Friday there's going to be another dance. Found out the reason why Krissi wasn't at the dance was because she had a cold. (What I wouldn't have given to have caught that cold!) Probably will go to the next one, and I would suppose that Krissi will go, too. Depending on how well things go this week, maybe I'll get up the courage to approach her at the dance.

I spent the day after the Play-a-Thon working on homework, and I'm a little sick of things academic (like writing!). It's about 9:30 now, and I'm probably going to go watch some TV or something. Maybe, if I'm moved to do so, I'll write another entry tomorrow. If not, until next week this is Cameron Frye ... good day!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

No anchovies, please

Zippy's Pizza, which makes it first appearance in this, the 8th entry to my 1984 diary, was the lesser of a couple pizza places that we used to hang out at.

We eventually found "Aunt Betty's Everything Pizza" — or "ABEP," as we called it — a dumpy little joint that very few other people seemed to frequent to call our own. Pizzas or subs and always Mountain Dews would be the order of the day. What I wouldn't give for one more pepperoni sub and a Dew there — but, alas, it closed many, many years ago. (After we graduated and moved on, who else was there to keep them in business?)

Sunday, Jan. 29, 1984
Looks like I was wrong when I gave Bill and Molly one week to get back together. Bill seems to think that they will eventually. As for the musical, it seems that there is no way that we're going to do "Juvey" at school. As far as doing another show, I think it's too late, and the students still want to do "Juvey." So it looks like as far as a normal musical goes, there won't be one. However, the students in the Drama Club are talking about doing the show out of school or something of that nature. I wish I knew the full story on the musicians in this show. I'm still not sure if I would be able to play in it or not. One thing is for sure, there's no way in the earth that I would try-out. There's been another club meeting scheduled for this Tuesday; probably will find some more out then.

I didn't have that much homework for this weekend, so I've spent a fairly relaxing time. Aunt Jill and Uncle Dave came up this weekend and stayed at Aunt Billie's. Uncle Dave spent the afternoon here yesterday, but I haven't seen Aunt Jill yet.

In accordence with tradition, I feel like I should mention Krissi, so now I have.

Mom & Dad leave for Atlantic City this Thursday and come back on the next Monday. I'm looking forward to having the house to myself for the weekend.

As I suspected, there was a dance on this past Friday night. I was undecided as whether or not to go until Bill said that he wasn't going. Then later, Paul (Chips) called and wanted me to go so I decided to go; bad decision. Like usual it was pretty boring, and Krissi wasn't there (I guess we can delete paragraph #3). Afterwards, myself and Aaron & his brother went over to Zippy's for a pizza. Even though it was boring, it was a change from the usual.

Going to go and try to find something fun to do, now. I haven't talked with Bill on the phone for a while now; it's no fun to talk to him when he's depressed. Next entry will probably be next week. Until then ...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Remote control

Radio-controlled modeling was a hobby that occupied a few summers of my life when I was in high school. It was something I'd wanted to do ever since I was very small.

Eventually a club started flying in a field not too far from my house. I joined, got my own plane and the help I needed to get it into the air.

The Sky Tiger model I mention in this seventh entry to my 1984 diary was in my possession until just a couple years ago. After trying to get back into flying when I was about 30 — and failing to find whatever it was that interested me in it many years earlier — I eventually sold the Sky Tiger along with all its accessories through an ad in the paper.

I suspect it's still flying somewhere — 20 years after I built it.

Monday, Jan. 23, 1984
I guess you can probably tell that I'm not too busy this weekend; this is the third time I've written. Bill called last night to tell me that there was going to be a school-board meeting to determine the fate of the musical this morning at 8:00 Am. I decided to go, but when 6:30 the morning came around I decided that I really didn't want to get out of bed, so I never went. I called Bill this afternoon, and he told me that they had decided on no musical for this year. I find it hard to beleive that they'll let a yaer go by with no musical. I had heard talk that if they decided there wasn't enough time to do a musical, that they might do some one-act or something. I really would like that much better, as then I could get into the cast. Somehow I don't beleive that that is the final say on the musical. Wouldn't be surprised if the whole ordeal started all over again tomorrow.

Been thinking about this past summer, and of R/C flying. This morning I took the Transit out of the basement and gave it a full cleaning. I still have to do something about the damn nosegear before I fly it in the spring. Would like to get a new nosegear and probably a new pushrod, and start fresh. That's probably what I'll do. As far as the Sky Tiger goes, I've got to finish the fin and also finish covering the entire plane. Then all I have to do is to install the gear and other accessories. I'm going to start the spring with the Transit. I decided to follow Tom Nelson's recommendation, so that if I've grown a little rusty over the winter, I won't lose my new plane.

By coincidence, today I received a club newsletter; I haven't got one for some time. There's a bit in there about attendence at the meetings which made me a little guilty, so I'm going to try to make it to the next one. The problem is that they are always on school-nights, and I don't feel that I can afford to go to them.

Last night I was looking over my old "You Can't Take It With You" script and was thinking about the "good 'ole days." I really hope that they decide to do some sort of non-musical play in replacement of the musical.

That's about it for today. Tomorrow we have school, so probably will be next weekend when I write again. That's the way it is, January 23rd 1984.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Come to the cabaret

As you'll see, the "Juvey" crisis evolved into quite an ordeal. Eventually there was a lawsuit and media attention paid to a school where the students had the sack to sue the administration or school board (I forget which now) for supposedly stifling their freedom of speech. Keep reading.

One other note about Jeff Mason, which isn't his real name. (All names and identifying locations have been changed in these posts to protect my privacy and the privacy of all the others.) The first play I ever saw was Jeff's production of "Cabaret." I was in 5th or 6th grade — it was probably 1977 or '79 — and my older sister was playing in the pit orchestra. I was a year or two from attending the school — which was (and is) a combined middle and high school.

I was so taken with what I saw — what good musical doesn't sweep you away? Not to mention all those cabaret girls! — I was determined to get into drama myself. And I did, my 7th grade year, in a show written and directed by ... Jeff Mason.

Twenty years later, I still count theatre as a rewarding hobby — one that I've done off and on my entire life. I credit that production of "Cabaret," and, tangentially, Jeff, for being responsible.

Sunday, Jan. 22, 1984
Guess I was right when I said that maybe I'd get in another entry before the end of the weekend. I don't think that I've got that much to say, but since I have nothing better to do, I figured why not write a bit.

Got news from Bill on two accounts since I last wrote. First of all he said that he had talked to Jenny Merrick, who had just talked with J. Mason at the end of the school day on Friday. I had talked with Jill earlier in the day and found out that the administration might veto Jeff's choice of the "Juvey." They seem to think that the story's too controversial. According to Jeff, they were going to make "some sort of a decision" by the end of the day. Jenny told Bill that they decided against the play, and that there now was going to be no musical. However, then Bill found out that Jeff would be willing to direct another musical it someone else picked it out. Bill also told me that the Drama Club has scheduled another "emergency meeting" Monday. I personally would like them to pick a musical with a full orchrestra, as "Juvey" doesn't. Somehow I feel that since all my informatien is second or third hand, that a lot of this could be false. I truthfully hope that they have voted-down "Juvey," as I really want to be involved in this show. I guess I'll have to wait until Tuesday to find out the real situation.

The second news flash from Bill came this afternoon, when he told me that he had broken-up with Molly. Still don't really uaderstand the full situation. It was something about her not being ready for him, and her being hooked on Bob Mead. (Remind me to change all these names to aliases before I publish this, OK?) It struck me strange that one day he wants to marry the girl, and the next he breaks-up with her. I haven't told Bill this, but I give them at the most a week, and they're back together. Time will tell.

Our skiing plans for the weekend fell apart. First, Bill says that he can't go due to monatary deficiencies. Then I talked with Aaron, and find out that Paul can't go. I then called-up Benji to find that he couldn't go as well. Finally, I again talked with Aaron, to find out that to rent skies and for the ticket, it would cost us $20. So much for packed-powder and chair-lifts.

I was hopiag that there was going to be a dance this past Friday; it's sort of tradition being the last day of mid-terms. Krissi always shows up at the dances. However, as fate has it, there wasn't. It's been a while since the last dance, so probably soon there will be one.

I think that's about it for today. Haven't got much planned for tomorrow. Probably will practice and might go X-country skiing. But since you probably don't care either way, I won't go into specifics.

Sweating the grade

As my college roommate and myself launched into the final stretch of our college careers in the spring of 1989, I remember we stressed about exams, but with an added, forward-seeing knowledge: that in the big picture of life, whether we scored an A or a D in any of those tests probably wasn't going to make a damn bit of difference.

How right we were.

In this, the fifth entry to my 1984 diary, I continue my obsession with my junior year mid-term exams. I wish I had a little bit of that 1989 self-awareness a few years earlier.

By the way, I included the letter I reference in this entry in my diary: I saved many ridiculous things as part of this diary. But I'm not going to include it here. Why I thought writing a letter expounding on the ridiculousness of professional wrestling was clever I don't know.

Friday, Jan. 20, 1984
Well, as hard as it is to believe, they're over! I can't say that this past week has been the funnest I've ever experienced, but I would say that I'm glad that it's past. I feel that I did good on all of the tests, except Expo which I expect around a C on. Seems strange to have a whole week-end (3 days) of no school work. Still, there are some things that I should do. Like writing to Middletown College to arrange a visit, and calling about my long overdue, backordered joystick.

I haven't got all that much planned for this weekend. Aaron & I have been talking about going down-hill skiing this weekend sometime. Probably a whole bunch of us will go: Chips, Aaron, Benji & Bill. I do hope we go; it sounds like a real fun time.

Since the second quarter has ended, I'll be starting Senior Band next time I go to school (Tuesday). I'm sort of looking forward to the extra playing to get me back into shape. When I decided to rejoin both of the bands, one of my main goals was to get into shape £or the musical. I was talking with J. Mason today and he said that the orchestra was really a jazz band, a "limited" jazz band. He said there probably were no horns. I really can't stand having to let another play go by without having something to do with it. I'd probably try-out if every one didn't have to sing & dance during the try-outs. Right now, it looks like I won't have anything to do with it.

No exciting confrontations with Krissi this week, what's new. In the daily announcements there was a listing of names which were going to attend some sort of inschool workshop next Tuesday. My name, as well as Bill's & Krissi's, were all on it. It seemed that all of the people who attended the Drama Club meetings were on the list. I don't know what it is, but it might provide some terribly ackward, moments around Krissi, so what the heck.

Before I forget, enclosed is a copy of a letter that I wrote to some wrestling show on T.V. I think it's pretty goed, so I wanted to save it.

Guess that I'll start enjoying my week-end now. Maybe I'll get in another entry before the end of the weekend, since it's a long one. Chow!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Hang in there

Okay, so be patient with me. My fourth entry posted below, and I'm even boring myself.

Trust me when I tell you that one of the characters already mentioned in a previous post ends up in jail before the year's out, and another gets his first real kiss.

Really. It does get better ...

Saturday, Jan. 14, 1984
Well, I've survived another week. I don't think that I've got much to say for this week. I guess my mind's been on the subject of mid-terms for most of the week and still is. Probably will spend most of tomorrow, like today, studying.

Decided to go ahead and get back into Senior Band and Jazz Band. Now all I have to do is to return the drop sheet for Computer Programming and meet with the Director of Curriculum (?) to get her to sign it. I've already started to play in Jazz Band, since I have that period free. However, I'm going to have to wait until next quarter (the 23rd) to start in on Senior Band. I think with playing everyday it shouldn't take long for my lip to come back. I was kind of forced in to taking my first solo in Jazz Band just the other day; it sounded pretty bad. Mr. B said that everyone was going to take a solo in "Blues in Front." Immediately I said to myself that I wasn't going to. But then as I thought about the embarrassment of refusing, I decided to do it.

There was a Drama Club meeting this Tuesday, and they annouced the choice for the musical; they picked "Juvey." It's a heavy drama about teenage runaways, and deals with issue like child-abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, and the like. We heard some of the music, and I'd have to say that it doesn't sound too promising for a brass player. Jeff Mason (director) said that not just the stage would be used, but the whole auditorium; the orchrestra will be on stage. I kind of find it hard to picture, but it should at least be something different, and give the students something to really sink their teeth into.

While at the meeting, there was a sign-up sheet being passed around. When it came to me I scanned the list for KJ's name and found out that it's spelled Krissi. (A regular Sherlock Holmes, ain't I!) From now on I'll refer to her as Krissi.

Speaking of Krissi, nothing much has happened in relation to her, either. I met her in a hall during school and just smiled to her, and I guess her response could be called a smile, too. Bill's been trying to talk me out of her, and is promoting another. Her name's Cathy, and she's in nineth grade, too. She seems to be hung-up on Bill, but since he's attatched to Molly (it's official now), he wants someone else for her. I met her once at a dance, and she seemed like a real nice girl, but I can't say that I'm that attracted to her. On the other hand, it took my heart at least a good five minutes to calm down from my confrontation in the hall with Krissi.

I'm really looking forward to next weekend. By then, mid-terms (#"~@*-!) will be done, and I should have no homework whatsoever in any class. Not to mention, it's a three-day weekend. Bill and I said that we'd get together that week end and try to have some fun. I think even I might be able to handle that after mid-terms.

Forgot to mention before, sometime after Febuary vacation there's going to be a Drama Club field-trip to Dartmouth to see a play. I think I'll probably go and I'm really looking forward to that, because Krissi will probably go, too.

Well, I guess I was wrong when I said that I didn't have that much to say. It seems hard to believe that next week I'll be writing an entry after those damn mid-terms are over; I can't wait. Right now, I think I'll go and mess around on the computer, or may be do some more studying. But first, let me leave you with this one thought: Qwenna undirectis zaxxodia mon. Jisn frendas hosehead, lopl!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Run rabbit (don't) run

It occurs to me, even in such an early stage of this project, that its conclusion if quite finite. If I made an entry to my original diary every week or so — and if I kept it for about a year and a half (which I did) — by blogging just a couple entries a week, I'll have burned through the entire diary in under five months.

Perhaps then I'll consider blogging Real '70s Diary, a diary I kept when I was 6th grade going on 7th. Yikes.

One note regarding this, the third entry in my '84 diary: The car in question was a VW Rabbit. It was the first car that really felt like it was mine, as it was the first time in my family's history that we didn't trade in our previous car when we bought a new one. Instead, the previous one, the Rabbit, essentially became mine and I tie it to many '80s memories — especially trips back and forth to my first girlfriend's house. (She makes her first appearance in this diary in some number of months.)

I saw a photo of the Rabbit for the first time in many years a couple years ago, and I was stuck by how God-aweful boxy it looked.

Sunday, Jan. 8, 1984
A week passes and what is accomplished? Can't say much. The week sort of past fast since we didn't have school on Monday. Wasn't really as hard as I thought it would be to readjust to school life once more.

Talked with Mr. B (Todd Ball) about possibly joining Senior Band & Jazz Band for the second semester of school. The only things I'd have to do would be to drop Computer Programming for next semester and give up my free 8th band. I'm pretty sure I'll do it. When I made the decision to drop both of them in the beginning of the year (because of a real full schedule) I didn't really think that I'd miss playing that much. I knew I'd feel bad about not being able to say that I'm in Jazz Band and stuff, and that I'd probably miss being with my friends in both of the classes. But I never really thought that I'd miss the playing. Well, I do, and I want to get back ito playing. I figure, me getting back into band will "help" Mr. B let me play the musical, too.

Nothing too exciting has happened in regards to KJ this week. I've started to go to the Drama Club meetings now, and I see her there (in fact, she's probably the reason that I started going!). I caught her eye at one moment and we looked at each other for a second (violins, please) and then looked away. Life in the fast-lane, huh? Also saw her when I was leaving school. I looked at her to catch her eye, but she looked away.

Just got back from Bill's house. We kind of spontaneously arranged for me to come over to his house yesterday afternoon, so I got there after I ate. Can't say that we did much, but being around Bill is usually fun anyways. We screwed around on his computer and listened to music 'till about 3:00 Am when we dropped off to sleep. This afternoon around 1:30 I decided it was time to go, but the car wouldn't start. We tried to jump it and also tried plugging in the heater, but nothing worked. Finally, had to call good 'ole Mom & Dad. From the second I got on the phone with my father I could tell he was angry. I gave him directions and they found Bill's house with no problem. After about 45 minutes of work, nothing could get the car to start, so we drove home in the truck. We left the car there and Dad is going to go over tomorrow to try to get it running. (He brought the battery home to recharge.) I got real nervous when I relized that they were going to have to come after me, and that in some way this whole situation might be considered my fault. However, Dad didn't seem too mad, and everything seems to have worked out OK.

Bill got suspended for one day for mouthing off to Mr. B. I'm going to call him tomorrow to tell him what happened in Chemistry, which is our only like class.

Starting to think about mid-terms now; they start on the 18th and go to the 20th. Was going to study some this afternoon, but since I got home at about 4:00, I probably won't get that much done. I've got so many of them this year, and some of them are going to be so hard, I don't know if I'll survive. Let's hope so.

Looks like that's it for this entry. We'll see ya' next week-end, I guess.